• ATF - Maibock Thumb

    ATF - Maibock

    Brewed by: Steve

  • Black Forest Mead in the Wood... Thumb

    Black Forest Mead in the Wood...

    A Golden Mead that is dry.

  • Black Forest Meadery Forest M... Thumb

    Black Forest Meadery Forest M...

    A light mead that is refreshing.

  • Desi & Jack

    Desi & Jack's Blackberry ...

    Another still mead that we have is Desi & Jack's Blackberry Mead, a mildly sweet mead. Desi and Jack's Blackberry Mead is a still mead made with raw, natural honey and organic dried blackberries to give the tartness and sweetness of blackberries without overwhelming the natural honey bouquet. I put the same attention and love into thi...

  • Desi

    Desi's Raspberry Lovers Spark...

    With all natural Raspberry Syrup added.

  • Desi

    Desi's Tupelo Jubilee Mead

    Desi's Jubilee Tupelo uses only pure Tupelo honey that is collected locally. The result is a stunning floral bouquet that overwhelms the nose with Gardenia.

  • Desi

    Desi's Wildflower Sparkling M...

    Nothing but honey, yeast and water are used to create this wine. The carbonation is created using the old-fashioned in bottle method and then hand riddled and disgorged. The wine is lightly sweet with a pleasing honey 

  • Hanssens/Lurgashall Mead the ... Thumb

    Hanssens/Lurgashall Mead the ...

    Unique blend of 70% Hanssens Traditional Gueuze and 30% classic Lurgashall Mead.

  • Mountain Meadows Agave Mead Thumb

    Mountain Meadows Agave Mead

    Made from organic Agave Nectar and honey. Enjoy with grilled foods. Substitute for Tequila for a light Margarita.

  • Nectar Creek Ginger Session M... Thumb

    Nectar Creek Ginger Session M...

    Pure Oregon honey and fresh ginger make this exquisite golden mead. The Ginger Session Mead is defined by a sting of warmth, a tease of sweet and a dry finish. Refreshing. Everytime.