• Redstone Pinot Pyment Thumb
    Melomel (Fruit Mead)N/A

    Redstone Pinot Pyment

    This product is made by fermenting Pinot Noir grapes along with honey to create a pyment style mead: the precursor to grape wine. A mix of toasted French and American oak cubes add subtle smokiness for a nice complexity in this medium-dry Mead.

  • Redstone Sunshine Nectar Thumb

    Redstone Sunshine Nectar

    Pale gold with a fine mousse. Sweet apricot preserve aromas. A brisk, effervescent entry leads to a dryish light-to medium-bodied palate with dried apricot, tart citrus spray, and a touch of floral honey. Finishes dryly with a lean fruit peel fade. An interesting sparkling aperitif mead. Serve very cold and like a brut sparkling wine

  • Redstone Traditional Mountain... Thumb

    Redstone Traditional Mountain...

    Mostly orange blossom honey, this mead is medium in sweetness, slightly acidic and warming.

  • Redstone White Pyment Thumb
    Melomel (Fruit Mead)N/A

    Redstone White Pyment

    3 parts Desert Blossom honey and Orange Blossom honey Medium in Sweetness Fermented also with Chardonnay grapes 12% alcohol Each bottle is dated (Very rare for a commercial mead!)

  • Saba Tej Thumb

    Saba Tej

    SABA TEJ is a honey wine or mead that is indigenous to Ethiopia with roots going back to the reign of Queen of Sheba (Saba). Saba Tej is produced from pure wild flower honey and exotic hops imported from the Highlands of Ethiopia. It is produced without any sulfites, preservatives, or artificial coloring. Saba Tej is a semi-sweet wine wit...

  • Samuel Adams Honey Queen Thumb

    Samuel Adams Honey Queen

    This harmonious blend of mead and beer gained notice during medieval times, dating back as far as the 12th century. The combination of three unique honeys and the complexity of the hops and chamomile in this Braggot create a whimsical brew that is floral with a tart sweetness and a much awaited honey finish. 7.5% ABV, 10 IBUs, 5 SRM

  • Sky River Dry Mead Thumb

    Sky River Dry Mead

    Sweet and fruity aroma with a light honey note and a little alcohol. Sweet, slightly sour and vinious flavor with grapey, raisony notes. Light bodied and dry

  • Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead Thumb

    Sky River Semi-Sweet Mead

    Semi-sweet honey wine. Ancient drink of kings and poets. Best served chilled

  • Sky River Sweet Mead Thumb

    Sky River Sweet Mead

    Sky River Sweet Mead enjoys a lingering full honey body. The intricate notes of the flowers and fruits that prelude the making of the honey are richly represented. Reminiscent of a fine German Riesling. Many enjoy Sky River Sweet Mead as a delicate aperitif, or dessert wine. And, in the long cold months of winter, Sweet Mead is a genuine ...

  • The Royal Table

    The Royal Table's Own Sweet M...

    Made with raw natural honey only and reminiscent of a traditional mead.