• Southampton Double White Ale Thumb
    Belgian White (Witbier)3.6

    Southampton Double White Ale

    It's a "double" version of the classic Belgian-style white ale.

  • Southampton Grand Cru Thumb
    Belgian Strong Pale Ale5

    Southampton Grand Cru

    A unique and richly spiced farmhouse ale. Its harmonious flavors include a range of of fruity accents and aromatics derived from an assortment of spices and a special yeast strain.

  • Southampton Imperial Porter Thumb
    Baltic Porter3.8

    Southampton Imperial Porter

    Brewed with seven different malts to give it a great complexity of flavor, Imperial Porter is an assertive version of English porter. There are flavor notes of chocolate, toffee, and caramel as well as the warming effect of a higher alcohol content.

  • Southampton IPA Thumb
    American IPA3.5

    Southampton IPA

    Southampton IPA is an ale with the bold citrusy hop character of an American IPA and the maltier more refined character of an English IPA.

  • Southampton Keller Pils Thumb
    Keller Bier3.5

    Southampton Keller Pils

    Visit an Old World lager brewery and the brewmaster will insist that you enjoy a keller beer direct from the aging tank. To a brewer this is beer at its purest: unfiltered, nuanced and gently carbonated. Southampton Keller Pils is just such a brew. And each year we make it with a different hop variety to create a unique interpretation of...

  • Southampton Pumpkin Ale Thumb
    Pumpkin Ale4.3

    Southampton Pumpkin Ale

    Southampton Pumpkin Ale is a unique amber-colored brew that has a particular appeal during the autumn months and the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving. We use a generous amount of pumpkin as well as traditional "pumpkin pie" spices to give this unusual brew a definite seasonal character.

  • Southampton Saison Thumb

    Southampton Saison

    Stunningly complex with tropical fruit overtones of pineapple and passion fruit. Imported malts and hops create a smooth, earthy flavor on the palate.

  • Southampton Secret Ale Thumb

    Southampton Secret Ale

    Most folks from the Northeast go to Florida when November arrives. But not the Southampton brewmaster, Phil Markowski. Back in 1995, Phil headed to Düsseldorf, Germany to taste the famous altbiers of the region. "Alts" are unique: less fruity than most ales but with a crisp drinkability of a lager. So what did Phil bring back from hi...

  • Southampton Steam Beer Thumb
    California CommonN/A

    Southampton Steam Beer

    Grassy notes and a slight puckering tartness hits the tongue with a touch of mild hops. Mouthfeel starts out watery but finishes dry with fine carbonation bubbles.

  • Southampton Triple Ale Thumb

    Southampton Triple Ale

    Southampton Triple Ale is an authentic and faithful interpretation of the abbey-style ale that was created by a few of the Belgian trappist breweries. A well made triple is deceptively smooth and easy to drink despite its high alcohol content. Triples generally have fruity spicy overtones with notes of pepper, cloves, bananas, and citrus ...