• Sprecher Irish Stout Thumb

    Sprecher Irish Stout

    This tribute to St. Patrick's Day is smooth and creamy, with distinctive flavors and aromas reminiscent of bitter-sweet chocolate and dark coffee. Just one precious batch of this robust, ebony colored stout is brewed each year.

  • Sprecher Mai Bock Thumb

    Sprecher Mai Bock

    Pale malt flavors are balanced with a rich hop character and a light fruit bouquet in this seasonal spring lager. Traditional dry-hopping and extended aging give this blonde bock a distinctive flowery aroma and a potent kick.

  • Sprecher Mbege Ale Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Sprecher Mbege Ale

    Bananas are the main ingredient in mbege style beers popular in Eastern Africa. In keeping with tradition, this is brewed with real bananas and presented unfiltered. Light hints of banana remain present in the aroma and flavor of this unique offering. Originally conceived of in an effort to provide a traditional African style beer for Mil...

  • Sprecher Micro-Light Thumb
    American Blonde AleN/A

    Sprecher Micro-Light

    This very light, refreshing fruity Ale has a golden color and rich malty complexity that only old-world brewing can produce. Slightly hopped for flavor it's a perfect beer for easy drinking.

  • Sprecher Oktoberfest Thumb

    Sprecher Oktoberfest

    Traditionally brewed to celebrate the harvest season, this reddish-brown lager has a rich caramel character and a long flavorful finish. Its delicious malty sweetness is nicely accented by a slighty fruity bouquet and a mild hop flavor.

  • Sprecher Piper
    Scotch Ale/Wee HeavyN/A

    Sprecher Piper's Scotch Ale

    This hearty red-brown ale has a slight, smokey aroma complexed with caramel and lightly toasted malt. The flavor is malty, yet very smooth, with a delicate hop finish and a creamy head.

  • Sprecher Pub Ale Thumb
    English Brown AleN/A

    Sprecher Pub Ale

    Seven varieties of malted barley are combined to give this English-style ale its complex flavor and deep, brown color. A select British yeast culture adds a subtle fruitiness and a blend of choice hops gives this non-bitter ale a soft finish.

  • Sprecher Shakparo Ale Thumb
    American Amber/Red AleN/A

    Sprecher Shakparo Ale

    Sprecher's gluten free Shakparo Ale is a West African Shakparo-style beer brewed from sorghum and millet. An unfiltered, light, crisp ale with a cider or fruit profile and a dry vinous aftertaste, it is best characterized as an easy-drinking or session beer perfect for summer gatherings. This beer pairs nicely with lighter fare such as sa...

  • Sprecher Special Amber Thumb
    Vienna Lager5

    Sprecher Special Amber

    A delicate balance of toasted malt and fresh hops give this medium-bodied German-style lager an intriguing, complex malt flavor. A creamy head, deep golden color and an impressive hop bouquet make this a very special beer.

  • Sprecher Winter Brew Thumb

    Sprecher Winter Brew

    A flavorful blend of dark roasted and sweet caramel malts defines this smooth and robust lager. The rich, nourishing flavors of a full-bodied Munich bock make this Bavarian-style brew perfect for those long winter nights.