• 10 Barrel Hop Rye’it Thumb
    American Dark Wheat AleN/A

    10 Barrel Hop Rye’it

    Tasty grain-centric beer from 10 Barrel Brewing Company

  • 10 barrel Sinistor Black Ale Thumb
    American Dark Wheat AleN/A

    10 barrel Sinistor Black Ale

    This beer has been around almost as long as the brewery. Don’t be fooled by the name, this dark beer is surprisingly light bodied and refreshing.

  • 1919 Choc Beer Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    1919 Choc Beer

    Choc brand beer is brewed in small batches in our brewery using the finest ingredients. Starting with beer-perfect Krebs water, we blend American Malted Barley, wheat, and roasted malts with American-grown Liberty and Cascase hops to create more than just a beer.

  • Anchor Summer Beer Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Anchor Summer Beer

    Anchor Summer is the first American wheat beer in modern times. Our first brewing of this light and refreshing beer was in the summer of 1984. A spring brew.

  • Anderson Valley High Rollers ... Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Anderson Valley High Rollers ...

    Its dazzling head, delicate tangy taste, and crisp clean finish make it a summer favorite which can be enjoyed alone or with a twist of lemon.

  • Angry Minnow Honey Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Angry Minnow Honey Wheat

    This golden brew is made with fresh pilsen malt, wheat, Gambrinnus honey malt and 50 pounds of local honey.

  • Apricot Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Apricot Wheat

    American wheat ale. Light to medium body. Refreshing. Golden amber with the delicate aroma and flavor of apricot. Perfect any time of year. Available in 12 oz six packs, 22 oz bottles, cases and kegs!

  • Arcadia Whitsun Ale Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Arcadia Whitsun Ale

    Arcadia Whitsun is a modern interpretation of a mid-19th century English spring and summer festival ale. It is light golden in color with a rich, creamy head, full bodied and has a lightly toasted caramel flavor. The addition of Michigan star thistle honey contributes a uniquely smooth drinkability to this unfiltered wheat ale.

  • Archangel Summer Wheat Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Archangel Summer Wheat

    Heed the herald, Archangel, for its presence announces that days of radiating sun and sultry nights of revelry are upon us! Its Wheat and Pale malts and Willamette and Perl hops jubilantly unite in a ruddy-orange fellowship. While a secondary fermentation with Michigan bitter cherries imparts a subtle cherry nose and finish that will caus...

  • Argus Jarrett Payton All-Amer... Thumb
    American Dark Wheat AleN/A

    Argus Jarrett Payton All-Amer...

    The partnership between the son of NFL Hall of Famer, Walter Payton, and Bob and Patrick Jensen, the father/son ownership duo of Argus Brewery, formed quickly after Payton met the Jensens at a beer tasting event. Together, Payton and the Jensens have developed a flavorful, drinkable ale that will please ALL craft beer drinkers. This beer ...