How We Rate Beer

Beer Universe is relies on information from our users. We believe that each user, from the novice beerophile to the aficionado, knows their beer preferences. As this is your beer, we do not want to make decisions for you, but instead, provide you with the information necessary to figure out what you will like. In order to do so, we need you to tell us what you like and then rate our recommendations as you try them.

Tell Us Your Preferences

First, what type of beer do you enjoy the most? We have a multitude of categories to choose from and can give you great recommendations after you specify some of your favorites.

Do you enjoy high alcohol content beers or those that are a little less intense? The range of beers we have can be categorized into either!

What about the temperature of your beer? The difference in ice cold and warmer temperatures in beers is often demonstrated between lagers and ales. A beers taste can change dramatically with the temperature of the beer and we’ve narrowed those down for you, so please choose how you like your beer served!

And of course, the serving container. Are you a smash the can over your head or sip the beer out of a glass bottle type of guy? Let us know and we’ll show you what we’ve got to rate! In order to help you on your journey through rating beer, we have highlighted 8 different ways in which you can distinguish which ones are your favorites and which ones you want to drink to indulge in and decorate the Pub’s bathroom.

How To Rate Beer

First up is of course, appearance. Extended research shows that some people judge a beer solely on its color and carbonation within the glass. Is it clear or cloudy? Does it look lackluster and dull or alive and inviting? Get that perfect pour and then examine for yourself.

Next up, smell. Draw the beer to your nose and describe it qualitatively. Take two quick sniffs through your nose only, then breathe with your mouth and nose, then with only your mouth. After doing these two things, think about some beer vocabulary to help you describe your thoughts. Malts can be sweet, grainy, smoky, toasty, chocolaty, or nutty. Terms used to describe the hop bouquet include herbal, pine, floral, resin, and spice. What do you think you smell

Now it’s the good part, the part that has made men think they can dance for years. Drink the beer! Do not swallow immediately, but let the beer wander your palate. Note any flavors such as sweetness, saltiness, or bitterness. Your tongue holds different areas for different kinds of tastes; the tip of the tongue gets the sweetness while the back is where the hops come in creating the bitterness you taste. You can keep it simple or go more advanced; Is the beer built-well? Is there a balance between the ingredients? How does it compare to other beers of that style? Think about the finish: does an aftertaste linger or does it dissipate quickly?

You might think you are done rating, but the next few things can help give you the full aspect of how a beer is rated. Take another sip of beer and let it linger in your mouth. This is the mouthfeel section. Note how the beer feels on the palate and its body and describe its consistency. Light, heavy, chewy, thin/watery, smooth or coarse?

And lastly, we want you to, as all of the billboards say, rate the drinkability. Sum up all of your thoughts while going through the rating process of the beer itself. What was the beer's overall ease of consumption and your overall impression of the beer. Would you have another? How does it sit?

Remember, while doing all of these steps to rate a beer, take notes! In order to keep your thoughts fresh and to recap what you thought about the other areas, you need to write down what you are thinking! Another important tip you need to remember, when trying to rate another beer, you must cleanse your palate. Take some water and swish it around your mouth or eat some bar nuts to do this. It will minimize interference of other beers and help delay intoxication so you can continue reviewing objectively.

If you want more information on the different types, or the history of beer in general, we'll be posting some links soon below. Beer Universe is your avenue for finding out everything you wanted to know about beer.