Overview of Concept

Beer Universe's goal is to provide the users with the most comprehensive beer database on the web – complete with profiles, user reviews and contact information, as well as access to a Beer of the Week program, and a 'Universal Store' made up of the best beer related products available on the web. Through these offerings, we are able to provide users with exposure to new brands and greater knowledge about their favorites – thus creating a medium to obtain more aptitude about the universe of beer. At Beer Universe, we seek to bridge the gap between beer enthusiasts and the breweries responsible for bringing these great beers to the marketplace.

Breakdown of the Site

Beer Profiles

Our profiles strive to be the most comprehensive on the web. Users can rate beer or search through existing profiles to learn about new beers or more about beers they are already familiar with.

Beer of the Week

Through this service, we introduce our users to new or previously unknown beers and allow them to purchase a limited quantity through us. This program benefits our users by broadening their exposure to beers in the United States and the breweries by offering increased exposure to this niche market.

Articles and Forums

In order to assist our users in the process of learning more about beer and the beer industry, we provide a venue for education through the means of relevant articles and discussion forums. These articles are intended to be informative while serving as a trigger for feedback and discussion.

Universal Store

In order to provide our users with everything they need to maximize their beer drinking experience, we maintain an extensive store comprised of a multitude of third party products.

Users and Groups

Through the utilization of Web 2.0 principles and the combination of our different segments, we provide our users with a unique online community where they are able to create and join groups with which they can interact based on their personal preferences.

Bi–Weekly Newsletters

We at Beer Universe believe that in order to appreciate beer for all its worth, one must understand the entire industry and the market trends which define it. In order to make this possible, we have created two newsletters, one for our users and beer enthusiasts and one for brewers, distributors, and vendors. Each one highlights the important issues facing its respective recipients.