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    Irish Dry Stout
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    Guiness Stout
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  • Sep 27, 2009

    Guinness Draught
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    • 3.5/5
    • 3/5
    • 3/5
    • 3/5
    After 250 years, they must be doing something right. The first sight of the layered beer coming to my table made me feel like a kid getting a birthday cake. The thick cream and the deep, dark, rich and bitter flavor wake up the senses. "Less Filling" forget it. One does not drink this beer for it's health conscious brewing. I have tried many different bars, tapped, bottled and canned, in the states, but none have compared to the several I had on tap in London. The "mate" introduced me to Guinness Draught (served cold) on tap as well. By far the best beer I have had, and recommend to anyone willing to step away from the "lite" to endulge in the "Dark".