<p> <strong> <span style = "text-decoration: underline;"> Braukessel Brewferm pRO electrically </span> </strong> </p> <p> A revolution in the land of Home Brewing: finally an affordable brew kettle from stainless steel with digital thermometer and digital timer! With the digital thermostat k & ouml; you can the temperature to 1 u00b0 C pr &auml; zise set. The breaks are easy to program the digital timer. The Brewferm pRO has a strong heater (1800 watts). Aligned navigation use stet with tap stainless steel </p> <ul> <li> STAINLESS STEEL Boiler: robust, hygienic and perfectly wait!. </li> <li> Strong heating element (1800 watt). <strong> <span class = "Text Color purple"> </span> </strong> </li> <li> <strong> <strong> Digital thermostat 30-100 u00b0 C. </strong> </strong> </li> <li> <strong> <strong> Digital programmable timer. </strong> </strong> </li> <strong> </strong> <li> BIG he content: 27 liters: adequate to produce 20 liters to beer. </li> <li> With practical tap of stainless steel! </li> <li> 2 years WARRANTY! </li> </ul>


Brewing kettle Brewferm PRO electric

Item number 443619

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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