<p> &nbsp; </p> <p> <strong> maximax Complete refrigerated display </strong> - <strong> 1,600 mm, 2 cooling compartments, 1 basin, fully wired, fronts anthracite, 2 door compartments </strong> </p> <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> Net capacity: for example, two kegs u00f8 425 mm </p> <p> Counter length: 1,600 mm - Depth 650mm </p> <p> fronts: anthracite coated sheet </p> <p> Cover: 1600 mm, <strong> 1 basin left or </strong> right </p> <p> drip tray 1000 x 300 mm incl. Drain connection </p> <p> Hochkantung = HK or rim = W </p> <p> Effective height / trains: about 305 mm above about 395 mm below </p> service friendly, easy to change, R134a, 250 W </p> <p> refrigeration system <p> &nbsp; </p> <p> cooling body Isolation: 100% CFC-free, seamless druckgeschu00e4umt, insulation thickness 45 mm <br> (rear wall 60 mm). The entire body is cold bridge free processed <br> inner body. Ground in sheet steel, special coated gray (N2pVA genoppt), download side, rear wall and ceiling aluminum-zinc clearcoat sealed (1.0242) <br> outer carcass: Sheet steel, aluminum -zinc clearcoat sealed (1.0242) <br> depth: 650 mm (690 mm above the door) <br> base: 40 mm <br> fronts hosts side body frame of coated plastic profile, door and <br> Zugblatt completely in anthracite coated sheet or stainless steel fronts in <br> NIROSTAu00ae (1.4016) with "Silver Iceu00ae" coating (surcharge) <br> door compartment.. Large capacity, easy to replace hollow plug seal <br> 1 bottle rust oR barrel abutting edge, Muschegriff <br>. train compartment: stainless steel telescopic runners (stainless steel, 1.4509), stainless steel sink, 4 dividers, download recessed handle, large-volume, easily replaceable hollow plug seal <br> Castle at extra cost <br> standard:. EUR / liter trains, half / half-trains per model WITHOUT additional price <br> machine part: with ventilation grille in anthracite coated Feinblec h or <br> steel NIROSTAu00ae (1.4016) with "Silver Iceu00ae" coating (surcharge) <br> cold. The plug-in refrigeration system (R 134a) Kapillarrohreinspritzung, download Chiller (convection) complete, including evaporator unit <br > Digital controller with defrost <br> The cooling capacity depends on the model <br> cover: stainless steel (1.4301), 1 mm, satin polished, with one or two basins, download rim or back Hochkantung, extended wet area, drip tray, download pop-up waste mounted cover | storage volumes <br> full extensions. euro-top train <br> piece 48 0.5 L bottles u00d8 67 mm or 60 pieces <br> 0.33 L bottles u00d8 61 mm <br> liter -Zug below <br> 28 x 1.5 L bottles u00d8 90 mm (up to 390 mm in height) <br> per half / half-train <br> 37 pieces 0.5 L bottles u00d8 67 mm or <br> 28 x 1.5 L bottles u00d8 90 mm (up to 345 mm in height) </p>


MAXIMAX complete refrigerated counter 1,600 mm, 2 cooling compartments, 1 basin, ready to plug in, fronts anthracite, 2 door compartments

Item number 444007

Manufacturer: ich-zapfe

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