Thai Food and Beer Found In Jackson Hole – Thai Me Up

By Wesley Griffin | January 5, 2011 | 0 Comments |
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The state of Wyoming is as rugged as its iconic geyser, Old Faithful, is dependable.  The mountainous terrain and vast wilderness areas characterize the state’s tough inhabitants, but within the valley that houses world-renown resort destination Jackson Hole, a vibrant craft beer community is developing behind some major brewing talent.

It hasn’t come easily, though.  As the JHWeekly reports, brewer Jeremy Tofte’s first attempts did not go as planned.  Even as a legacy brewer whose father distributed Red Hook, Pyramid and Deschutes long before craft beer was cool, his attempts to get a liquor license for his restaurant Thai Me Up were thwarted by the Town of Jackson for years.  The environment back then was much friendlier to corporations than entrepreneurs, which he notes as one of the reasons he sold his restaurant in 2006. 

Not one to give into palm-greasing and backroom deals, he purchased the struggling restaurant back in 2009 and decided that if he couldn’t start a bar to sell others’ beer, he would start his own brewery instead.  Pairing craft beer with Thai food may sound strange at first, but his heavily-hopped flagship West Coast IPAs stand up well to the spice. 

What’s more: he can be creative with other styles and flavors because most of his customers are already acquainted with innovation in brewing.  Jackson Hole is far from the cowboy town it used to be, drawing wealthy travelers from nationwide and international destinations.  With only Snake River Brewing to compete with as a local producer, Thai Me Up is enjoying success and winning accolades, especially for its 2x4 Double Double IPA.

Tofte has plans to expand in the near future, and surprisingly his company’s growth will result in a demotion.  Jeremy will remove himself from the Brewmaster position to make way for Captain Kirk McHale of Pizza Port Brewing in Carlsbad, California.  We applaud the perseverance it took to bring this special watering hole to remote Jackson Hole. 

What sort of beer would you like to pair with a Thai dish?

Your Choice.  Your Beer.  Drink Up.
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