Hygiene and care for your dispenser

Glass washing machines and accessories. We offerDolfin glass washer as 2-pot or 1-pot models with pot rinse or free-standing rinse for connection to the under wash or gastro dispenser. The desktop unit can also be used without a sink and is therefore particularly suitable for festive events. A Delfin glass rinser saves up to 70 % water and energy because it rinses cold. The dirt-repellent and rounded surface of the housing makes cleaning easier. The inner brush is attached with a bayonet lock, so it can be replaced quickly. You can find accessories for your Delfin glass washer at  beer-tap-cooler.co.uk outer brushes, inner brushes, brush cleaners and more. The special glass rinsing tablets are designed to clean the glasses crystal clear and guarantee the stability of the beer froth. In our assortment you will also find high-quality glass washing devices of the brand Spülboy, furthermore we offer you 3-piece glass washing brush sets without housing with rubber knobs in different sizes.

The professional cleaning of dispensers

You will find various cleaning brushes, disinfectants and other special tools for the proper cleaning of your dispensers in our extensive range. In order to give germs and stubborn dirt no chance, first carry out an alkaline and then an acidic cleaning of your dispensing system. For this purpose you will find chemical cleaning products or tablet form of the brand Bevi. Then rinse the small sponge rubber balls through the beer lines, which are able to free the narrow tubes from dirt and deposits. Also discover our practical cleaning kits for 1-line and 2-line beer dispensers and kegs, which include hoses and hose clamps for line cleaning, sponge balls, tap grease, disinfectant concentrate and other important accessories.