Beer cooler Kegerator - dispenser & home beer pump - draught beer tap chiller

At you will find professional beer coolers, kegerators as well as dispensers for home and bar. Discover our wide range of tap technology: From tap and tap systems to dispensing columns and tap accessories, will equip you completely.
When it comes to cooling or serving your drinks, you will find the right product with us.

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Beer cooler Kegerator - dispenser & home beer pump - draught beer tap cooler

At you will find professional beer coolers, kegerators, and dispensers both for your home and your bar. Discover our wide range of tap technology: from taps and tap systems to dispensing columns and tap accessories; will equip you at the fullest. 

When it comes to cooling or serving drinks, you can find the best products in our shop!

Beer dispensing systems and accessories to make your experience unforgettable

Beer dispenser, flow coolers or beer coolers are just a few terms that interested parties come across when looking for a dispenser. Therefore, sometimes it might be difficult to consider everything and chose the best device to correspond with your requirements.

Nonetheless, most beer lovers agree upon nothing being better then sparkling taste of perfectly chilled draft beer. Thus dispensing systems are no longer used in gastronomy only, but are gaining increasing popularity within individuals as well.

If you decided to purchase a beer dispenser, in our shop you can find a wide range of different models for almost every need, as well as the proper accessories essential for tapping your beer.

What to consider when purchasing a beer dispenser

From mobile dispensing sets for party kegs to powerful dispensing systems for professional use, there are devices in numerous different designs. Which model is the best for you depends on various factors.

In order to purchase a suitable dispensing system, you should think carefully in advance what is important to you and what requirements the device of your choice should meet in each case. After all, a beer dispenser is not something you buy every few weeks. You should therefore make sure that you are completely satisfied with your model.

When purchasing a new beer dispenser, please pay a particular attention to the following aspects:

  • How long it takes you to empty a beer barrel
  • An amount of different beer styles that you want to serve
  • How much space is available for a beer dispenser
  • Estimated busy hours with a large amount of guests

Purchase a suitable beer dispenser

A beer dispenser is an investment that you don't make that often. If you want to buy a beer dispenser, you have to think carefully about what you need and which features the model of your choice should have for sure.

We therefore recommend you to not to rush your purchase. Instead, take your time to check out our range of high-quality dispensing systems, inexpensive beer coolers and mobile dispensing trolleys. We are convinced that in our online shop you can find your perfect beer dispenser. 

Ready-to-use beer dispensers

If you don't want to be involved into building your dispensing system, we have various ready-to-use models which you can start using immediately upon arrival.
Our ready-to-use dispensing systems can be easily transported and put into operation within a few minutes. Nevertheless, depending on a device, you can count on a high tapping capacity of up to 130 liters per hour, which can cope with even a large amount of guests!

Mobile serving trolleys for outdoor parties

Our mobile serving trolleys are extremely convenient. Ready-to-use beer dispensing systems offer a space for storing a beer keg, they are very easy to transport, too.
For location-independent operation at events, such as street festivals, a mobile serving trolley will be the best choice. In our shop you will find devices for operation with cooled kegs as well as serving trolleys that you can equip with an uncooled beer keg. 

If you want to buy a beer dispenser, you can also choose between models with dry or water cooling systems. Dry coolers’ advantage is them being ready-to-launch. They can be put into operation practically immediately after the connection is executed.

Water cooling dispensing systems have a water tank. It takes some time to launch them. They are perfect for serving large quantities of beer in a very short time.

Beer dispensing systems with a diaphragm pumps to enjoy your beer in private

At least in the professional sector, most dispensing systems are operated with CO2. For beer tapping within your own apartments, dispensing systems with the diaphragm pumps are a great alternative!

Accessories and spare parts for beer dispensing systems

Of course, even a beer dispensing system of a highest quality can break down at some point. With inexpensive spare parts from our shop, however, repairs are usually not a problem at all. In addition, you will find a wide range of accessories and cleaning agents for your beer dispensing system, so that nothing prevents you from a smooth operation.

Purchase beer dispensers online

In our shop both restaurateurs and private beer lovers will find a perfect tap system. Purchase, for example, an inexpensive beer dispenser to surprise your guests with a glass of draft beer, or chose a high-performance dispensing system which will allow your restaurant to satisfy guests during the busiest hours.

You might also want to try yourself at a beer brewing. In this case you will find a large selection of practical beer brewing sets and matching accessories.

Whether a beer brewing set or a beer dispenser - we are sure that we will inspire you with our high-quality products for beer lovers and that your purchase in our online shop will fulfill each and every wish of yours!