Duane Reade Now Selling Growlers of Craft Beer

By Wesley Griffin | March 25, 2011 | 0 Comments |
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For decades, Americans have relied on their convenience shops, drug stores and small grocers to carry a broad assortment of things they might need on the fly.  Most do an impressive job of squeezing in product.  I mean, any store selling condoms, baby wipes and adult diapers has pretty much got the entire life cycle covered. 

These marts are even good places to grab a 6-pack of beer on the way home from work or to watch the big game with buddies.  The only downside is that these small stores have very limited shelf space and typically give priority to the macros: Bud, Miller, Coors, maybe Corona or Heineken.  They have not been a good home for craft beer.  That is… until now.

A recently opened Duane Reade store on Broadway and W 72nd St in New York City is now doubling as a growler filling station for all sorts of delicious craft beer!  It’s a different approach from the Trader Joe’s next door – which brews and sells its own discount craft brands – and one that residents are taking to quickly.

Unlike some things in New York, though, Brew York City – as the growler station is called – won’t be a trend for trendiness’ sake.  Its offerings include selections from nationally renowned breweries, like the Dirty Bastard Scotch Ale from Founders and Brooklyn Main Engine Start, a Belgian Pale Ale from Brooklyn Brewery.  Amazingly, in a city where you’d be lucky to find one glass of craft beer for less than $7 or $8 at a bar, a 64 ounce glass growler is just $7.99!

Despite all of their taps, you won’t be allowed to buy a pint and sip on it as you shop around Duane Reade.  The value, though, is undeniable.  Duane Reade’s Brew York City currently has a host of other local beers available as well, including offerings from Sixpoint Ales, Ithaca Brewing, Blue Point Brewing and Fire Island Beer Company.  You can stay up to date with their beer list by following the Twitter account @BrewYorkCity

In the meantime, let’s start advocating similar beer stations for all drug stores.  Cheers to Duane Reade!

Your choice.  Your beer.  Drink up.
-Beer Universe

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