Ice Cube to Stare Down Coors Light in New Commercials

By Wesley Griffin | March 29, 2011 | 2 Comments |
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Yesterday, we saw Anheuser Busch tip its hand a bit and reveal a forward strategy that includes a heavy investment in the craft segment, as it agreed to buy Goose Island Beer for $38.8 million.  Today, MillerCoors also gives us a peek at its plan to increase sales, and it’s hardly related to craft beer.  Coors Light will soon roll out an extensive new marketing campaign behind one of the original rappers turned Hollywood Mr. Everything: Ice Cube.

The Los Angeles native and former N.W.A. member’s early musical releases often contained racially charged or blatantly misogynist messages, but in recent years his shift to the mainstream – including acting roles alongside George Clooney and a long-running sitcom on TBS – have earned him a great deal of social capital from all demographics. 

The commercials will be produced by a multicultural agency in Chicago called Commonground.  Just as many rappers “battle” each other with freestyle verses to determine who is better, the commercials will show Ice Cube in a stare down battle with Coors Light bottles to see who is the coldest.  Presumably, they will also feature the brand’s cold-activation labels in some way.

Of course, Ice Cube isn’t the only hip hop mogul involved in alcohol advertisements these days.  Diddy is everywhere promoting his Ciroc Vodka, Ludacris has his Conjure Cognac and even Snoop Dogg has jumped on board with Colt 45 to endorse their upcoming alcoholic energy drink called Boost.  Ice Cube’s Coors Light ads have tested well thus far, and MillerCoors executives aren’t shy about their goals.

“Budweiser is going down, baby,” MillerCoors Chief Marketing Officer said in an interview with  Coors Light hopes to knock off Budweiser as the second most popular beer in America this year, and it very well could.  Both brands trail Bud Light as the best-selling brew in America.

Are you excited to see Ice Cube in some beer commercials?

Your choice.  Your beer.  Drink up.
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2 Comments · Ice Cube to Stare Down Coors Light in New Commerci...

  • Makes sense; Ice Cube is as lacking in flavor as an ice cold Coors lite. Any beverage that needs to be ice cold as a prerequisite to being quaffable, is not one worth filtering through my liver!

  • I have also had my last Sophie, Matilda, Honker, etc.

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