Sonic Drive-In To Sell Beer & Wine

By Jim Cohen | June 28, 2011 | 0 Comments |
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Another fast food chain has decided to step up and serve beer and wine. First there was Starbucks, then Burger King, and now we finally have Sonic (by the way Whole Foods serves beer too). The Sonic Drive-In in Homestead is the first of the 3,500 restaurants to offer beer and wine on the menu.

City Council members on Wednesday gave the chain approval to serve alcohol at the restaurant, located at 2425 NE Eighth St. in Homestead. The plan for serving alcohol was not clear, and the corporation had no other plans to expand serving alcohol at other locations (for now).

This Sonic Drive-In is not your typical chain restaurant though. Sure it has the roller skates and drive-in stalls, but his restaurant also features a beach-themed outdoor seating area with umbrellas and white sand, and the “o” in Sonic’s logo is replaced by a red-and-blue beach ball. There are also several flat screen TVs hanging outside.

“We’re only planning on doing this in the Miami market, so we thought, “Let’s really try to make it something special,’” said Drew Ritger, Sonic’s vice president of business analysis and development.

One rule for alcohol is clear, there will be no alcohol served to drivers. If you want to be served any alcohol you must receive it on the patio.  “We think its irresponsible to have someone drive up and we hand a beer out the window,” Winton said. “That doesn’t make sense at all. We’re trying to have a family-friendly atmosphere out on that patio.” In Florida, it’s illegal to have an open alcoholic beverage in a car, even if it’s parked.

According to the Miami Herald - Richard Turner, a spokesman for the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association, said it isn’t such a stretch for a quick-serve establishment such as Sonic’s to serve beer and wine. Restaurants featuring speciality burgers and beers are trendy now, he said. And, with a rough economy and stiff competition, restaurants have to try harder than ever to attract diners.

“They’re trying so much to stay in business and find new things for customers,” Turner said. “What’s amazing about the American consumer is their needs are always changing.”

All I know is that I wish there was a Sonic near me that was serving alcohol. We hope they serve some great stuff that will go well with their burgers, hot dogs, tots, and other delicious items on the menu.

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