Beer Festivals Evolve - Gain iPhone Apps to Help Patrons

By Jim Cohen | July 28, 2011 | 4 Comments |
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I love beer festivals. Why? Besides the obvious volume of beer, it’s the variety of choices that I find at every festival. Without fail I will consistently find breweries and beers that I have never heard of / tried. Better yet, I know that I will find a beer that I fall in love with (especially by the end of the festival, when, um, tastebuds become a little less critical).

However there is one problem, I can’t remember all the beers the next day. And no, this isn’t because I drank too much (although, I’m sure that has something to do with it). The problem is that while I may be good at taking notes at the beginning, the pamphlets that festivals hand out undoubtedly get completely drenched or lost by the end of the festival. Moreover, it becomes much more difficult to find a place to write my thoughts as the festival becomes packed. I can’t even recall the last time I was able to save one of those packets intact.

Lucky for us, there is a solution! A few festivals recently have launched iPhone applications to help patrons keep track of the various beers they try at the event. The three festivals that have recently adopted this technology include: Oregon Brewers Festival (July 28 – 31, 2011 - Portland, OR), Top of the Hops (July 30, 2011 - Jackson, MS), and Brew Bern Beer Fest (July 30, 2011 - New Bern, NC).

Specifically, the applications have been powered by the Beer Universe platform. This means that your ratings at these festivals will link all your ratings to your accounts to your Beer Universe profile. More ratings equals enhanced recommendations for you (one of the features of Beer Universe is that the more beer ratings you submit, the better our site gets at recommending beers to you!). Patrons will be able to see a list of breweries and the exact beers that will be at the festival. You can rank, sort, and take notes on your favorite beers all from the palm of your hand FOR FREE!

The takeaway? You never lose your ratings / notes at a beer festival again. This is what I call a win-win.

Oregon Brewers Festival  Top of the Hops  Brew Bern Beer Fest 


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4 Comments · Beer Festivals Evolve - Gain iPhone Apps to Help P...

  • So how does one do this? There are all kinds of events I would love to set this up for.

  • What about Android?

  • Bumper - if you have ideas, contact us at

    @TopDog - plans are in the works, but nothing in the near term!

  • Why always iphone. Why not the more popular Android platform?

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