More College Events to Offer Beer at Games

By Blake Potolicchio | August 8, 2011 | 1 Comments |
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Beer is part of college. Most of us started exploring the world of beer in our undergraduate years, but few of us every were able to purchase beer at sporting events. There has been a clear division between collegiate athletics and alcohol. However, this may soon change.

More schools have considered or implemented beer sales at stadium events recently as for the fall season alone, 20 major college venues will allow beer sales, almost double the amount 10 years ago. The NCAA currently has no rule preventing alcohol sales at regular season events but bans all advertising and sales of alcoholic beverages during all 88 NCAA championships.

Debates over the appropriateness of beer sales at college venues, where it may come across as schools harboring under-age drinking, have raged for decades. There are those that believe it is part of the responsibility of the school to educate students on consumption by restricting school-sponsored events from openly selling products. Others believe it is better to control the drinking atmosphere inside the venue, decreasing the chances of sneaking hard liquor in as well as excessive binge drinking during tail-gates.

Part of the culture at major universities during the fall season is college football. We recently reported on the partnership between LSU and a local craft brewer that will begin selling their new craft brand during football games this fall. In a time where school’s athletic programs are vying for additional revenue streams, more colleges and universities are opened to selling beer at sporting events. Typically those colleges and universities that do offer beer at events only do so to those privileged in the luxury suites, such as the three major universities in the state of Iowa - Iowa, Iowa State and Northern Iowa.

West Virginia’s athletic director, Oliver Luck expects to profit around $1 million after announcing it will sell beer to everyone of legal drinking age at all home football games this season. We also reported on a few colleges offering curriculum centered on brewing beer.

As America reels from extensive debt and eminent budget cuts, colleges and universities, especially those subsidized by state governments, will have to make tough choices to reduce costs and increase revenue streams. Most every school could admit that beer sales at school venues are one way of increasing revenue streams.

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  • They will not be able to sell that in Tiger Stadium, SEC regulations prohibit the sale of alcoholic beverages at league events.

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