Ice Cold Beer Takes New Form – Frozen Beer Foam Tops Pints in Japan

By Chad Pilbeam | April 10, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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We all know there is a category of beer drinkers that insist on ice cold beer and frosted mugs.  Equally as demanding are those who advocate for the proper beer temperature and detest the frost, the clump of ice, even a koozie.  But thanks to Japanese brewer Kirin the argument has taken a whole new form.

Whether trying to settle the temperature argument, bring both sides together, or just having too much time on their hands, the Kirin Brewery has created the world’s first frozen beer foam.  The process involves freezing regular Ichiban beer to 23 degrees Fahrenheit with a continuous blast of air (like blowing bubbles in milk).  Then, this frozen confectionery dispenses like soft serve ice cream creating an ice cold frothy head to top off your pint.

The dispensed topping not only helps chill the beer, but serves as an insulating lid that reportedly can keep your pint cold for up to 30 minutes.  And because the foam is beer, you don’t have to worry about your beer being diluted with water - a common complaint from those who resist frosted mugs. 

Novelty meets functionality.  Those of you still skeptical or just curious, see Kirin’s video below.

Will beer foam (described as having a creamy texture) be a success?  Who knows; there’s no word on whether this soft-serve treat will even make it out of Japan.  As of now the foam is only available in Tokyo, but the rest of the country will get their taste later this year (May).  There is rumor that Australia (known for having more than their share of Blokes and Sheilas who love ice cold beer) has a market for this and may give it a try. 

One thing that is certain, this will go down as another of the many beer inspired creations that capture our attention, if not our imagination (it might even be enough to swing some of you to the cold side).  To beer hunters everywhere searching for that new experience with your favorite beverage; you have your mission.  And to those who insist on cold beer, if frozen beer foam makes it to your local bar it just might turn out to be more fun than a Ferris wheel, and more tasty than a trip to the ice cream store.

Your Choice.  Your Beer.  Drink Up.
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Chad Pilbeam is a staff writer for Beer Universe, you can follow him @beernbullcbo

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