Coors Light Iced T – Humorous Acronym Trends on Twitter

By Adam Mysorewala | June 27, 2012 | 1 Comments |
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A while back we wrote an article titled Tea and Coors: The World’s Most Refreshing Combo? about Molson Coors’ new drink, Coors Light Iced T. At that time Molson Coors CEO, Peter Swinburn, claimed the pairing of Coors Light and Iced Tea would create the most refreshing drink in the world because, “Coors Light is the world's most refreshing beer. Iced tea is the world's most refreshing non-alcoholic drink." Two months later, Swimburn’s prediction has come true—the drink is refreshing, but more for its comical acronym (Coors Light Iced T), than for its taste.

The acronym, which spells out a slang term for clitoris, has garnered laughs from the masses and has become a twitter sensation with thousands of jokes referencing the drink. One tweet reads, “#coorslight Coors Light Iced Tea, Really?...Can't wait to see commercials for this.” Another user, Awetitu#1904, tweeted, “Coors Light Iced Tea A challenge for men to find...”

While the acronym is amusing, many people are wondering if it was an intentional marketing ploy to help raise awareness for the drink and increase sales. Forest Kenney, Molson Coors Canada spokesman, addressed these questions with a statement saying, “It wasn’t a mistake and not intentional…We’re seeing the college humour crowd is having fun using it in places like Twitter, but the goal for us was to be as descriptive as possible, to call the product what it was.”

Even if the drink’s name was intentional, it hasn’t helped to increase sales of Coors Light Iced T.  Kenney continues, “I wouldn’t say it’s added to sales, it might give people a bit of added talk value from what we’re seeing with the way people are referencing it.”

Still, marketing ploy or not, the innovative beer is selling well, with Molson Coors expecting over a million people to try it over this summer. Unfortunately for us in the USA, Coors Light Iced T is only available in Canada. However, if the hybrid beer meets sales predictions, we can expect Coors Light Iced T to hit US stores’ shelves in the near future.

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  • First off its coors and who likes that weak watered down stuff , tea is fine as long as its sweet , but tea and beet together sounds nasty.

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