D.C. Looks Beyond Single Beer Ban

By Michael C. Upton | July 3, 2012 | 0 Comments |
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Commuters in the nation's capital may soon find it a little harder to enjoy a perfectly legal beer on their train ride home after work. Washington D.C. officials have already banned the sale of single beer purchases in some areas of the city and now may be looking to limit double and triple packs of beer. Commuters and store owners are upset. Some residents applaud the move.

“As a D.C. resident, the ban doesn't really bother me,” explained Robbie Michlewicz. “I get most of my drinks at a bar or I buy a six-pack at a store. If it means cleaner streets then that's okay with me.”

Back in 2009, the Washington D.C. Council voted in favor of banning single beer sales in Ward 6, which includes Capitol Hill and eight other neighborhoods. The problem arises when the options to purchase beer are limited. Many of the Ward 6 neighborhoods contain few grocery stores and the option of where to purchase food (and larger quantities of beer) is limited. Residents are dependent on small corner stores. Michlewicz says there are proportionately fewer bars in Ward 6 as well.

In an effort to combat the ban, markets have began selling beer in double or triple packs. According to Arthur Delaney of the Huffington Post, a Ward 6 Advisory Neighborhood Commission has recently taken issue with the markets' solution. And it's not all about cleaner streets. Proponents say the purchase limits are a way to curtail crime and loitering. Many cite problems with drinking in public (which is illegal in D.C.) is a result of single beer sales.

What is not against the law is drinking a beer on any of the five non-Metro train lines going in and out of the Capitol to Virginia and Maryland. Many commuters like to pick up a beer or two to enjoy on their ride home.

“If singles or two-packs were not available, there would be little reason for me to patronize the corner stores,” said one commuter who travels 20 minutes by train to get home. His co-worker is not so lucky, he spends an hour and twenty minutes on the train, one way. Who wouldn't want a beer or two?

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