Blue Moon Abbey Ale

Type: Belgian White (Witbier)
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  • 05.60% 
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Commercial Description

Blue Moon Abbey Ale is a copper-colored ale crafted with roasted malts, Belgian sugar, and a touch of wheat for a rich caramel flavor and a smooth toffee finish.

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  • Nov 22, 2010
    ABanerjee (29)Rank: Beer AficionadoGroup: Blueberry Lovers
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    Said to be the replacement for Full Moon - this beer is the winter version for Blue Moon's seasonal.

    The side of the box reads "Made with Beglian Sugar" which concerned me from the onset. I am traditionally an IPA guy, so I like my beers bitter or to have a little bite at the end. Either way, I was ready for a beer that had a malty and caramel flavor. The beer was strong out of the bottle and even before sipping it, I knew that it would be intense.

    Upon sipping the beverage, the sugar and caramel flavor hit my palate. It was refreshing, but needed to be a bit colder for my taste. Serving this beer warm or cool is not advised. I recognized that after about a minute, the after-taste was still there and it was strong (not your traditional crisp finish). In fact, the aftertaste was so strong that I found myself running for the crackers and a glass of water.

    I wasn't impressed with this beer overall, but recognize that those who enjoy the sweeter side of things may appreciate it a bit more than I do.