Goose Island Pepe Negro

Type: Belgian Dark Ale
  • Brewed by: Goose Island
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  • Aroma: Malty
  • Aroma Description: Moderate
  • Serve at Temperature: Cold
  • Container: Chalices
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  • 16 
  • 3.1/5 
  • 06.00% 
  • 3150/3669 
Commercial Description

The unique flavor and aroma of this beer comes from Tellicherry peppercorns added to the whirlpool – and we guarantee, it’s the only beer at the festival with that spice. It’s layered on top of a Saison yeast that lends a phenolic, clove-like character. Other unique ingredients include Crystal Rye and debittered black malt in the grain bill and Pilgrim hops in the boil. This beer is truly one-of-a-kind.

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  • Jan 9, 2012
    TheCorkStops (70)Rank: Beer AmateurGroup: Barley Wine
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    The Goose Island Pepe Nero is described as a Saison/Farmhouse Ale, and should weigh in at about 6% abv. It's pretty obviously not the Saison I'm used to, and I'm anxious to get the top off this brew. The Pepe Nero pours out an exceptionally dark shade of brownish-red. At first I thought it was black until I tried snapping a couple pictures. The foam was very subtle at first but then came to life and nearly over-flowed my DFH snifter. The foam is full of large bubbles forming a rocky surface with just a slight tint slight red/rusty color.

    As the foam dissipates very little lacing is left behind a soft stream of bubbles throughout the duration of my sample bottle. The nose on the Pepe Nero is very, very subtle. I give it a few really good swirls and get my nose as far into the glass as possible. I'm only getting very slight hints of chocolate, cola, and a little roasted malts. The closest thing I can compare this to is sort of like an earthy, rustic version of a Quadrupel.

    On the palate, the Pepe Nero is just as complex and equally as subtle. Very soft hints of malty sweets, a little bit of coffee and chocolate here and there, and just a touch of dry bitterness on the finish. I let the Pepe warm completely to room temperature before finishing and the Pepe only gets better! Somewhere between a big belgian quad and a softer style stout, the Pepe Nero is in a class all it's own. I can hardly wait till the Goose Island beers are available regularly here in CT.