Michelob Dunkel Weisse

Type: Dunkelweizen
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  • 05.50% 
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Commercial Description

Michelob Dunkel Weisse fills a glass like few beers can. The pour releases banana and clove aromas. Roasted malt flavor is complemented by caramel and chocolate undertones. Then a crisp finish refreshes the palate. Undeniable proof that brewing is truly an art.

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  • Aug 4, 2009
    generallee (312)Rank: Beer ExplorerGroup: Fall beer lovers
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    Presentation: It was poured from a brown 12oz bottle into a weizen glass.

    Appearance: The body has a very dark and hazy appearance with a brownish iced tea like color. Along the sides of the glass there are streams of tiny bubbles that race up to the head. The head is light tan in color and little small for the style but it hangs on to the last sip. It makes some slick lace that slides down the glass.

    Smell: It has a big fruity nose with notes of banana, clove, light wheat and candy.

    Taste/Mouth feel: The base has a nice lightly roasted wheat malt flavor that gives way to big fruity yeast full of rip banana with a touch of clove. Hops are very mild and subdued. It finishes with a dryer wheat twang and more yeast. It has a nice wet refreshing texture with soft yet somewhat fizzy carbonation and a medium body.

    Notes: This is defiantly one of the best AB products.