Natural Ice

Type: American Pale Lager
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  • 5.90% 
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Commercial Description

Anheuser-Busch introduced Natural Ice in select markets in 1995 and took it national in 1996. This subpremium-priced ice beer, 5.9 percent alcohol by volume, has a smooth taste.

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  • Jan 19, 2010
    KillaMcSpanky (1)Rank: Beer Novice
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    while most people think of this as a cheap, shitty, beer, i love it. of course, im 24 years old and only suggest drinking it if its ice cold, you plan on chugging the whole thing, or youre playing a drinking game. at first, it tastes a little like what you think a homeless person coks would taste like if you turned it into a beer, but after about 8 or 9 it suddenly because the most delicious thing in your universe. i give this beer three boo-yahs out of five.