• N
    Belgian Strong Dark AleN/A

    N'ice Chouffe

    The N’ICE CHOUFFE is a strong dark beer that will warm you up during the winter months. It is spiced (with thyme and curaçao) and a light hop taste, a well-balanced beer. The N’ICE CHOUFFE is unfiltered, and re-fermented in the bottle as well as in the keg.

  • Nagelweiss Wheat Beer Thumb

    Nagelweiss Wheat Beer

    This German style wheat beer contains about 50% malted wheat and is balanced with Hallertau hops. This beer finishes low in gravity so the final taste is light on the palette and extremely drinkable. This is sure to be a favorite with first time and long time wheat beer drinkers. O.G. 1.048, ABV 5.1%

  • Naked Dove 45 Fathoms Porter Thumb
    American PorterN/A

    Naked Dove 45 Fathoms Porter

    Wonderfully balanced American Porter.

  • Naked Fish Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Naked Fish

    Gourmet chocolate raspberry coffee is used in the brewing process to achieve this unique flavor and aroma. Naked Fish is a dark, medium bodied stout that finishes fairly dry with chocolate and coffee tones.

  • Naked Lap Lager Thumb
    American Pale LagerN/A

    Naked Lap Lager

    A traditional American Lager - Like swimming naked on a hot August night, this beer refreshes - without being weighted down by calories or hop bitterness. Serve ice cold and enjoy... Alcohol: 4.9 ABV Color: 3.0 SRM Bitterness: 13.0 IBU

  • Naked Pale Ale Thumb
    American Pale AleN/A

    Naked Pale Ale

    An All Amercan style pale ale. Flavored with a variety of hops that give our pale ale a complex and well balanced finish. The ABV is 5.6%, so you can enjoy more than one.

  • Naked Pig Pale Ale Thumb
    American Pale AleN/A

    Naked Pig Pale Ale

    Naked Pig is a delightfully crisp, hand crafted ale. The German malts provide a perfect balance to the five hop additions that go into every batch we make. This American pale ale is tasty enough for any craft beer newcomer, while the complex character is sure to please even the most discerning craft connoisseur. Alcohol Content by Volume...

  • Naked Pomegranate Wheat  Thumb
    American Pale Wheat AleN/A

    Naked Pomegranate Wheat

    An American Wheat beer recipe flavored with honey and pomegranate. Just the right combination of hops and wheat make a flavorful beer. The ABV is 4.6%, which makes this beer a truly refreshing spring and summertime beer.

  • Napa Smith Amber Ale Thumb

    Napa Smith Amber Ale

    Our Amber Ale uses seven malt varieties, and three unique selections of hops in order to achieve deep complex flavors. The taste starts slightly sweet and then progresses to a clean, dry finish.

  • Napa Smith Bonfire Porter Thumb
    American PorterN/A

    Napa Smith Bonfire Porter

    Each year we produce a limited amount of Bonfire Imperial Porter to complement the winter season. Bonfire has a medium-full body, with complex coffee, chocolate and dark caramel flavors. The spicy character given by additions of Mt. Hood, Cluster and Perle hops balance the generous malt presence, which finishes with a subtle sweetness. Bo...