• Heineken Dark Lager Thumb
    American Dark Lager3.8

    Heineken Dark Lager

    Has a richer head than it's lighter brethren. Has hints of caramel and chocolate (America Style of Dark Lager)

  • Heineken Cold Filtered Thumb
    Euro Pale Lager3.4

    Heineken Cold Filtered

    Cold filtered differs from extra cold which is regular heineken served at 0*c

  • Heineken Buckler Highlands Thumb

    Heineken Buckler Highlands

    Another low alcoholic beer by Heineken

  • Heineken Buckler Thumb

    Heineken Buckler

    The non-alcoholic version of Heineken beer.

  • Heineken Thumb
    Euro Pale Lager3.4


    Heineken beer is brewed by 40 breweries in 39 countries around the world. It is 100% Barley malt, choice hops and pure water give this brew unsurpassed clarity. Brewed since 1886.

  • Amstel Light Thumb
    American Light Lager3.1

    Amstel Light

    A special light beer containing only 3.5% alcohol and approximately 35% fewer calories than regular lager beer. But every bit as thirst-quenching and refreshing.

  • Heineken Golden Fire Strong Thumb

    Heineken Golden Fire Strong

    Keg, pasteurised

  • Heineken 3.5% Thumb
    Euro Pale Lager4.1

    Heineken 3.5%

    A lighter version of Heineken lager

  • Williams Red Thumb
    Extra Strong/Special Bitter (ESB)N/A

    Williams Red

    A rich ruby malt ale, medium dry with hints of toffee & banana. Balanced with fresh spicy hops to give a zesty, peppery backdrop. Red is a warming full flavoured beer to be savoured.

  • Williams Joker Thumb
    English Pale AleN/A

    Williams Joker

    available as a cask ale only Williams "Joker", this is our wildcard, this is a copper coloured ale, medium bodied and a pleasent mix of spice and fruit, which stretches the palate to a smile!