• 21st Amendment Hell or High W... Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    21st Amendment Hell or High W...

    Hell or High Watermelon Wheat Beer - we start by brewing a classic American wheat beer, which undergoes a traditional secondary fermentation using fresh watermelon. A straw-colored, refreshing beer with a kiss of watermelon aroma and flavor.

  • Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru

    Abbaye des Rocs Grand Cru has a rich, complex fruit aroma of cherries, golden raisins, peaches, and assorted dried fruit laced with honey and caramel. Smooth, rich flavors reminiscent of cherries dipped in caramel, finishing with notes of dried chocolate, roasted almonds, and a hint of molasses.

  • Abita Purple Haze Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Abita Purple Haze

    Abita Purple Haze is a crisp, American style wheat beer with fresh raspberries added during secondary fermentation. Subtle coloration, fruity aroma and tartly sweet taste.

  • Abita Strawberry Harvest Lage... Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Abita Strawberry Harvest Lage...

    Abita Strawberry Harvest Lager is a wheat beer made with real Louisiana strawberries, picked late in the season when they’re at their sweetest. This brew has earned quite a reputation in a short time, causing the brewery to up their production year after year. When this brew is found, emails and phone calls fly to friends informing ...

  • ACAI Berry Wheat Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    ACAI Berry Wheat

    A light-bodied wheat ale brewed with organic acai berries from Brazil, and a flavorful mix of four other organic berries.

  • Adriaen Brouwer Audenaerds Br... Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Adriaen Brouwer Audenaerds Br...

    The beer is a fruity yet malty type. The appearance of the beer looks clear brown with an off-white head. It has a malty sweetness with a hint of berries, caramel and a light sourness.

  • Affligem Dubbel Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Affligem Dubbel

    A reddish-brown abbey ale brewed with dark malts. The secondary fermentation gives a fruity aroma and a unique spicy character with a distinctive aftertaste.

  • Alaskan Sister Wit Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Alaskan Sister Wit

    A refreshing Belgian white ale finished with orange peel and spices.

  • Ale Industries Cherry Kush Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Ale Industries Cherry Kush

    Cherry Kush from Ale Industries

  • Alpine Mandarin Nectar Thumb
    Fruit BeerN/A

    Alpine Mandarin Nectar

    An Orange Blossom Honey Ale Fresh organic orange zest and cracked coriander complement the orange blossom honey used in this ale. Like a mountain breeze through the citrus trees. 1.060 OG 6 IBU 6.5% ABV.