• Sol Thumb
    American Pale Lager3.2


    Has a sparkling gold hue and exciting aroma and flavor of malt.

  • Solemn Oath Khlöros Thumb
    Belgian White (Witbier)N/A

    Solemn Oath Khlöros

    Light bodied and refreshing, our take on a Belgian white ale is delicately spiced with orange and lemon peels as well as Indian green coriander for a herbal, lemony character with some notes of summer stone fruit and citrus.

  • Solemn Oath Oubliette  Thumb
    Belgian Pale Ale4.4

    Solemn Oath Oubliette

    (oob-LEE-ette) Aromatic Belgian malts and yeast combine with American variety hops in this golden blonde colored ale to produce a melange of fruit flavors including orange and grapefruit citrus and tropical fruit.

  • Solstice d

    Solstice d'ete aux Frambroise...

    German inspired sour wheat beer. The obvious and domineering acidity of this beer is obtained by letting the unboiled wort go sour for several days. The Solstice d’Été is made complete by the addition, during the fermentation process, of a phenomenal quantity of whole fruit (raspberries in this case). The result is a v...

  • Solstice d
    English Barleywine5

    Solstice d'hiver

    This noble winter beer is brown in colour with flaming red highlights. Its taste is delicately sweet and liquor-like with a hint of burnt caramel coming from the malt and a prolonged boiling time. It is a very bitter beer with aromas of hops and alcohol, and flavours reminiscent of red fruit brought by the English-type yeast we use to fer...

  • Solstice Kolsch Style Ale Thumb

    Solstice Kolsch Style Ale

    A modern Kölsch was as defined in 1986 by the Kölsch Konvention as being pale, hop-accented, top fermented, and filtered. Solstice defines the style! Uinta chose the name Solstice to acknowledge the sunny disposition of the beer and to celebrate the changing of the seasons. ABV 4%, SRM 6, IBU 25

  • Something Red Thumb
    American Amber/Red AleN/A

    Something Red

    This one has something for everyone. A deep copper colored ale with just the right amount of malt to complement the dosing of hops. A true beer lover's beer.

  • Son Of A Peach Thumb
    Fruit Beer4

    Son Of A Peach

    An unfiltered American wheat ale made with real mean peaches. The only thing missing is the fuzz. Savor the anger. Available during the late Spring and Summer months. 6.0% abv

  • Sonoran 100 Thumb
    Malt LiquorN/A

    Sonoran 100

    The "Sonoran 100" is a naturally fermented Malt Liquor, flavored with honey and a hint of maple. After 9 weeks of fermentation, the Sonoran 100 is aged for several months, and then we run the whole batch through our custom filter of toasted Maple and Oak wood chips. The result; a Bourbon-like brew that is best served in a small snifter or...

  • Sonoran 200 Thumb
    American Strong Ale4.1

    Sonoran 200

    "Arizona's strongest beer brewed with agave nectar" The "Sonoran 200" is produced from 2-Row Malt and pure Agave Nectar. To increase the Agave flavor and sweetness we infused more Agave Nectar into the brew after four weeks of fermentation was complete. The batch was then Oak Aged for six months, achieving the perfect balance of Agave Ne...