Company Profile

Beer Universe, Inc. was founded in the fall of 2007 by two individuals who had a passion for social networks and a taste for great beer. Each member of the team brings his own unique perspective and skill set, making the combined group one of diverse ideas and talent, enabling Beer Universe to open up the online beer world in new ways to new groups of beer lovers around the world.

Over the past year, the beer industry has gone through a rapid evolution: the mega merger of Anheuser–Busch and InBev, the joint venture of Molson Coors and SABMiller, and Carlsberg and Heineken’s acquisition of Scottish & Newcastle. We’ve witnessed Snow overtake Bud Light as the #1 distributed beer worldwide. The consolidation of the market has been quite noticeable. Moreover, the price of natural ingredients has increased dramatically — hops, barley, etc. While large vendors were struggling to grow in the U.S. marketplace, craft brewers were growing at 13–15% year over year. Many consumers were switching from wine to beer and brewers were catering to the entire spectrum of drinkers. It’s been truly an incredible time for the beer industry.

Our team of entrepreneurs recognized the strong growth in the craft beer industry, embraced this trend, and sought to offer beer drinkers, brewers and vendors a seamlessly integrated platform to connect and interact. We want to introduce our users to a wider universe of beer and the brewers, and products. Through our constructive forum, we’ve been able to connect individuals from around the globe to come together and discuss beer.

Your Choice. Your Beer. Drink Up.

Company History

The concept of Beer Universe first originated in January 2007, when Arup Banerjee realized that there was not a consolidated online platform for beer drinkers of the world. In August 2007, this idea was brought to life when the company was founded as a partnership between Arup and Heath Gray.

Over the course of the next several months, a great deal of work was done in order to plan and develop a site which would offer users a superior venue for beer reviews with a positive environment for feedback, interaction, and opinions. In addition to reviews, provides users with a unique shopping experience where they are able to simultaneously browse numerous online stores for beer/alcohol products and accessories and make a single purchase which fills all of their needs. Our guiding principle is to not only improve upon the offerings of current competitors but revolutionize the marketplace by allowing for the development of original and unique ideas yet to be offered to consumers on the web.

Beer Universe prides itself in its ability to provide users with a fully integrated portal which offers users an unparalleled experience for beer reviews and online shopping. We believe that with our easy to use platform, our passion for breweries around the world, and a steadily growing user base, we will be providing a new online portal which will become the premier beer destination for any enthusiast.

Key Facts

  • Website:
  • Date of Incorporation: December 2008
  • Founders: Arup Banerjee, Heath Gray
  • Number of employees: 4
  • Special Features: Beer of the Week, Beer Rating, Groups and Points System, Online Store, Newsletter
  • Ownership Status: Privately Held
  • Target Market: Beer Lovers Everywhere