Frequently Asked Questions

What are your motivations for creating Beer Universe?

Each of us at Beer Universe loves Beer! While we each have our beers and products, we also appreciate going somewhere that can offer us something new we have seen before. In starting this venture, our goal is to take our passion and share it with others and help them find new beers and products they like and assist them with the process of learning a great deal more about them.

How is the Beer of the Week chosen?

When choosing the Beer of the Week, we take into consideration a number of factors. First, we like to provide users with the opportunity to try beers they wouldn’t typically be able to enjoy due to limited availability or other regional barriers. Second, we want our users to have the opportunity to try what others are talking about so that they can contribute to the discussion. And last but not least, we like to share with others the beers we enjoy. Together, these three considerations are largely the deciding factors each week. We do take suggestions however, so feel free to offer your ideas.

Can I advertise with Beer Universe?

Of course! We value our affiliates and will work out tailored solutions to fit your needs and budget. We have a separate advertising media kit that is available on request. Please contact us at, for more information.

Is Beer Universe affiliated with any breweries?

Unlike some beer sites on the web, Beer Universe is independent and is not affiliated with any individual brewery. We rely on user generated content which should not be interpreted as being our views or opinions, but those of our registered users. We feel that by staying independent we are better suited for providing our users with an environment conducive to learning about beer.

Why can’t I rate beers/bars/breweries when I’m not logged in?

We limit contributions on our site to registered users so that we are both able to control these ratings and reviews so that they are not manipulated or abused by anonymous users. Registering is FREE.

If wrong information is posted about a beer/bar/brewery can I correct it?

Due to the fact that information on is largely generated by our users, we realize that from time to time this information may be incorrect or outdated. While we try to catch errors ourselves, we do appreciate when others help out. If you notice something you believe is incorrect, please inform us through the form in the Feedback Page and we will make necessary revisions.

Does Beer Universe share my information with 3rd parties?

See: Privacy Policy

Can I contribute articles to the education section of the Beer Universe site?

On, it is our goal to consistently provide users with the opportunity to learn more about the world of beer and in order to do so we need your help. If you have written an article on a particularly interesting aspect of the beer universe we would love to consider including it on our site. Simply email your article to and we will notify you of our decision of whether or not to post it. If it is posted, you will receive recognition for contributing it.

Who owns Beer Universe, Inc.?

Beer Universe is currently privately funded and owned by its employees.