<h2>Water dispenser, soda maker, sparkling water maker, carbonated water maker - Lindr Pygmy 25, Green Line</h2> <p>The Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line is a professional grade water carbonator that functions as both a water dispenser and soda maker. With a cooling capacity of up to 25 liters per hour and a continuous cooling capacity of 20 liters per hour, this machine is perfect for use in offices, restaurants, or production facilities. The Pygmy 25 Green Line is great for making perfect, cool soda water by mixing H2O and CO2, and can also be used to make refreshing drinks and cocktails. </p> <h3>Characteristics:</h3> <ul> <li>Compressor Cooling Capacity - 1/8 HP / 310 W</li> <li>Maximum Cooling Capacity - 25 l/h</li> <li>Continuous Cooling Capacity - 20 l/h</li> <li>Number of Chilled Drinks - 2</li> <li>Carbonated Water - 20-25 l/h</li> <li>Power - 391 W</li> <li>Coolant - R290</li> <li>Voltage - 220- 240V / 50Hz</li> <li>Drink Connection - 5/16''</li> <li>CO2 Connection - 5/16''</li> <li>Dimensions (WxDxH) - 240x312x378 mm</li> <li>Weight - 17 kg</li> </ul> <p>The Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line is easy to use, environmentally friendly, and offers reliable, high-quality performance. With its robust housing and efficient cooling technology, this water dispenser and soda maker is the ideal choice for universal use. Make delicious, perfectly chilled water and sparkling drinks with the Lindr Pygmy 25 Green Line.</p>


Water dispenser, sparkling water maker, carbonated water maker, soda maker - Lindr Pygmy 25, Green Line

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