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For the ultimate beer enjoyment, you need more than just a draft system and a beer keg – you also need the right glasses. Beer glasses come in numerous shapes and sizes, and depending on the beer type and personal preferences, choosing the right beer glass is crucial.

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Beer Glasses Significantly Impact Beer Enjoyment

As a beer enthusiast, you're aware that the beer glass plays a crucial role in the overall enjoyment. Connoisseurs would never think of drinking wheat beer from a Kölsch glass or serving beer in a simple paper cup.

You always make sure to use the appropriate glass for each beer type.

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Beer Glasses for the Gastronomy

Beer glasses are essential in most gastronomic establishments. It's crucial to always have enough glasses available to professionally serve guests without long waiting times.

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Beer Glasses for Discerning Private Beer Enthusiasts

Beer glasses are not exclusive to gastronomy; they are also a must-have in a well-equipped private party room. Naturally, you'll need fewer glasses for private use, but the right ones are indispensable for flawless beer enjoyment among friends. Feel free to buy your preferred beer glasses from our shop and have your order delivered quickly and reliably to your home.

Which Glass for Which Beer?

Beer glasses come in different shapes for various beer types. There are special glasses for wheat beer, pilsner, Kölsch, or altbier. The shape and size of beer glasses were originally chosen to consider the characteristics of each beer type and bring out its flavor as best as possible.

In addition to specific glasses for certain beers, there are also standard glasses used for dispensing, which can be a great convenience, especially in the gastronomy industry.

Wheat Beer Glasses

Wheat beer, or weizenbier, is mainly brewed in Bavaria and has a centuries-old tradition there. Typical wheat beer glasses have a slim, tall shape that helps maintain carbonation for optimal fizziness. In Nuremberg, there's even a private museum exhibiting over 5,000 different wheat beer glasses.

Pilsner Glasses

Pilsner, named after the city of Pilsen in the Czech Republic, constitutes the largest part of the beer produced and sold in Germany today. Pilsner is usually served in pilsner glasses, narrow beer glasses that taper down. This specific shape ensures that the beer foam lasts as long as possible. Apart from pilsner glasses, thicker and smaller beer glasses are sometimes used for dispensing pilsner.

Beer Glasses for Kölsch

Kölsch is a beer type that can only be brewed in the Cologne region, as defined by the Kölsch Convention. Kölsch is typically served in Kölschstangen, slim beer glasses with a capacity of 0.2 liters. Larger variants are rarely used, as Kölsch contains relatively little CO2, and beer in a large glass would quickly develop a flat taste.

Beer Glasses for Altbier

Alt or altbier is a dark beer type, particularly well-known in Westphalia and the Lower Rhine region. Altbier is usually served in cylindrical beer glasses with a capacity of 0.2 or 0.25 liters.

Mass Krugs: Beer Glasses for a Big Thirst

Mass krugs hold one liter and are especially known in connection with the Munich Oktoberfest. The large and heavy beer mugs are ideal for enjoying German lager beer and special Oktoberfest beers from breweries like Paulaner.

Beer Mugs: The Classic Among Beer Glasses

Beer mugs, also called seidels, have a handle and are available not only as one-liter mass krugs but also in smaller sizes like 0.3 or 0.5 liters. They come in both wide and narrow designs. Unlike in the past, most beer mugs today are made of glass, and the once-attached metal lids play a minor role.

Beer Glasses for English Beer Types

English beer types like stout or ale are traditionally served in a pint glass. Pint glasses are wider at the top to accommodate the beer foam. A pint typically has a capacity of around 0.56 liters in the UK and Ireland.

Craft Beer Glasses

Craft beers have become a popular alternative to traditional beer types in Europe. They are usually served in special craft beer glasses, often resembling wine glasses to help the unique flavors of craft beers unfold optimally.

How Big Are Beer Glasses?

Beer glasses differ not only in shape but also in size. A stößchen, for example, holds only 0.1 liters, while a standard Kölsch glass holds 0.2 liters, and a mass krug holds a whole liter.

The Willibecher, commonly used as the standard glass for beer dispensing, is produced in various sizes, with volumes ranging from 0.2 to 0.5 liters.

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