Сounter water dispensers


Professional water dispensers in household and gastronomy

With us you will find table-top and under-table water dispensers, as well as water cooling systems, soda water devices and warm carbonators. Furthermore we offer water filters for your water tap or your coffee machine, but also directly for your water connection or your shower we offer high performance filter systems.

Highly modern water dispensers and soda water devices

One of our most popular products is the water dispenser EDEN for chilled water with or without carbon dioxide. Micro-filtered, sterilised and with optional ozone sterilisation, the devices are specially designed for the catering industry. The EDEN water dispenser is available as an on-table or under-table model with an hourly output of 60 l or 120 l of water. The SODA ELEGANCE TOWER is a noble soda water device made of stainless steel for cooled still water and soda water. The ultra-modern compressor cooling unit has a minimum energy requirement and at the same time dispenses 18 l to 20 l chilled water per hour via two dispensing taps. The SODA ELEGANCE TOWER comes with a connection kit and pressure reducer. Soda water units dispense cooled carbonated water, while a warm carbonator operates at room temperature. We offer warm carbonators with a tap capacity of 90 l to 150 l soda water per hour. Compared to a soda water machine, a warm carbonator has the advantage of saving energy due to the lack of a cooling unit. The table-top water cooling system TIBER made of high-quality stainless steel was developed for professional use in the catering trade. The standard version of the unit delivers cooled soda and still water at a cooling capacity of 65 l per hour and a tap capacity of 90 l per hour.

Water filter, CO2 connection and cleaning

Efficient filters are indispensable when dealing with drinking water. EVERPURE distributes filter cartridges for healthy germ-free water from cold water devices or hot beverage vending machines. The filter system stops particles down to 5 micromillimeters in size, as well as possible pollutants, unwanted odor and taste. The EVERPURE MicroGuard Pro 2 filter system is even capable of filtering particles as small as 0.15 micromillimeters and is therefore suitable for particularly critical applications. We also offer special cleaning agents and disinfection sprays for water dispensers and table water systems. In our range you will also find CO2 bottles with food-grade carbon dioxide and CO2 hoses, pressure reducers and other practical accessories for use with your soda water machine.