Beer Dispenser 5L Party Keg

The small five-litre party kegs are the classic for every birthday party or Father's Day outing, here too there are numerous accessories for delicious beer enjoyment. 5 litre party kegs are available from numerous breweries and in contrast to bottles and cans, these are deposit-free. Moreover, tidying up is easier: there are not bottles everywhere after the party. Especially for parties at home or in summer when barbecuing, the 5 l barrels are ideal. Anyone can tap beer at will. A high-quality dispenser is a worthwhile investment especially for hobby brewers or those who regularly organise a garden party.

High-quality accessories

The adapters for the five-litre drums are made of metal and therefore very stable. The barrels can thus be connected to a conventional dispensing system. Thanks to the beer dispenser you can also remove the beer line tubing of the dispensing system. A non-return valve allows a clean tapping. So you can tap fresh beer in small quantities. For five-litre kegs with vent plugs there are plugs that can be used together with an adapter.

Small pressure reducers for CO2 capsules, which can also be connected directly to the adapter or keg closure, are also useful. Of course, we also offer carbon dioxide capsules.

Cooling of the 5 l party barrels

At the barbecue party you want to have cool beer, of course. Warm beer often tastes stale and bland, but cooling the small kegs is not always easy. Therefore, cooling sleeves are practical, which are simply put around the barrels. They even work without electricity. Small keg beer refrigerators with compressor promise permanent cooling. You can even draw fresh beer directly at the device!

Despite the best cooling, the beer should be drunk quickly, not only because it simply tastes best fresh. After a few days, depending on the storage temperature, germs and bacteria form and the rest of the beer should be thrown away.

Party kegs mobile

And if you want to be mobile with the party keg, the mobile dispenser set is perfect. Dispenser with foam button, small pressure reducer, adapter and seal guaranteed best beer enjoyment. Drawing on five-litre party kegs is also possible with taps with hand pump or CO2 automatic.

However, you should not roll the barrels, because they produce a lot of foam, which you can only avoid later by pouring in very slowly. Too high pressure also produces foam, so a small pressure reducer is recommended.