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Buy high-quality gastro refrigerated counters online

Refrigerated counters or refrigerated counters are an indispensable part of the catering industry and, accordingly, should not be missing in practically any business. Refrigerated counters ensure that the food stored in them has a longer shelf life and that the drinks ready to be served are always at the perfect temperature.

If you are looking for high-quality gastro refrigerated counters and counters, you are in the right place in our shop. We have a selection of models in different sizes and designs. Be it a refrigerated counter with an integrated sink or a compact beverage refrigerator - we are sure to have the right device for you.

Gastro refrigerated counters are versatile

Of course, gastro refrigerated counters don't just have to provide sufficient cooling. Apart from that, it is at least as important that the respective model fits the company in which it is used. Because there is of course a difference whether the most appealing presentation of the contents is desired or the refrigerated counter is only intended for the storage of drinks and food.

Since gastro refrigerated counters and counters are available in numerous different designs, it should normally be possible to find the right model for the intended purpose without any problems.

What is important when buying a new gastro refrigerated counter?

If you want to buy a new gastro refrigerated counter or a refrigerated counter, you have to consider various points. After all, the device of your choice should match your ideas as closely as possible.

When buying your new gastro refrigerated counter, pay particular attention to the following points:

  • Cooling technology
  • size
  • Equipment
  • Which cooling technology should be used?

    Refrigeration devices such as refrigerated counters can be equipped with various cooling technologies. In addition to convection cooling, so-called silent or static cooling can also be built into the device.

    Both variants have advantages as well as disadvantages. Which refrigeration technology is the right choice in your case depends above all on the future application as well as your personal ideas about the new refrigerated counter.

    Refrigerated counters with static cooling

    In devices with silent or static cooling, there is usually a cooling unit on the outside, which ensures the desired temperature inside the refrigerated counter. The particular advantage of a counter with static cooling is the low operating volume.

    In addition, unpacked meals can also be stored well in such a model. In a refrigerated counter with convection cooling, however, these would dry out very quickly.

    However, cooling counters with static cooling not only have advantages, but also disadvantages. The static cooling usually does not allow the temperature to be lowered too quickly. This is a problem especially when food is removed from the device very often.

    In addition, the upper part of a refrigerated counter with static cooling is always slightly warmer than the lower part. This fact should definitely be taken into account when placing the food in order to ensure the best possible shelf life.

    Refrigerated counter with convection cooling

    In cooling units with convection cooling, a fan ensures that cold air is distributed in the interior. In contrast to devices with static cooling, this ensures a largely uniform temperature in the entire refrigerated counter. In addition, the convection cooling cools the interior down again very quickly after the refrigerated counter has been opened.

    However, refrigerated counters with convection cooling also have disadvantages. For example, they are quite loud, which can sometimes be a nuisance in the guest room. Apart from that, the airflow from the fan means that unwrapped food dries out faster.

    Despite the disadvantages mentioned, most gastro refrigerated counters are equipped with powerful convection cooling. Especially when serving drinks, the better cooling performance is a decisive advantage over static cooling.

    How big does the new refrigerated counter have to be?

    Apart from the cooling technology used, the size is of course an important decision criterion that must be taken into account when purchasing. The selection is large and ranges from compact refrigerators with a width of 60 centimeters to large gastro refrigerated counters, some of which are over three meters wide.

    How big your new refrigerated counter should be depends first of all on the space you have available to set it up. Apart from that, the amount of drinks and food that you will usually store in it also plays a role in determining the right size.

    Before you buy your new refrigerated counter, take a little time and measure the future location precisely. After you have done that, you can then choose the right refrigerated counter from us and buy it directly online.

    Refrigerated counters with different equipment

    Apart from the refrigeration technology and the size, when buying, it is of course also important to consider the equipment and construction of the refrigerated counter. Think carefully in advance what you value. For example, if you want to present your drinks to your guests in the most appealing way possible, a model with glass doors is a good choice. So your guests can see directly what drinks are available. Experience has shown that this fact can have a positive effect on sales figures.

    If your new refrigerated counter will be under your counter anyway, glass doors are not absolutely necessary. After all, in this case your guests won't be able to see what's inside the refrigerator anyway.

    In addition to models with different doors, you can also choose between appliances with or without a sink. This decision is also yours, because depending on the situation on site, another refrigerated counter may be the right choice.

    What does a gastro refrigerated counter cost?

    The cost of purchasing a new gastro refrigerated counter can vary. A general statement is therefore practically impossible. If you opt for a compact cooling unit, you will find models that cost around 1,000 euros, for example. If, on the other hand, you need a very large refrigerated counter, the purchase price can quickly reach several thousand euros.

    When you buy a gastro refrigerated counter, the price is by no means the most important criterion. After all, it is very important, especially when used in catering, that the refrigerated counter of your choice can convince with a robust design. Excessive thrift can quickly lead to your new refrigerated counter being broken after a comparatively short period of time and having to be replaced.

    How high is the power consumption of a gastro refrigerated counter?

    Many electrical appliances, such as dishwashers, are only switched on for a certain period of time. With refrigerated counters, however, it looks different. Since they are usually in operation all day, their power consumption should not be underestimated.

    In principle, the larger it is, the more electricity your refrigerated counter will consume. In addition, electricity consumption increases if the refrigerator is opened very frequently. Because as soon as you open the door, warm air comes in, which of course has to be cooled down again.

    Cleaning a gastro refrigerated counter

    As a restaurateur, you of course know how important hygiene is in your company. Just like other equipment, you must of course also clean your refrigerated counter on a regular basis. Otherwise, germs can form, which can even pose a health risk to your guests. In addition, with a little care you can contribute to the longest possible service life of your refrigerator counter.

    If you clean your gastro refrigerated counter regularly, the associated workload is usually limited. Use a soft cloth and mild detergent to avoid scratching the surfaces. If your cooling counter is equipped with glass doors, you can of course also clean them with a normal glass cleaner.

    Order cheap gastro refrigerated counters online

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