Tapping heads (KEG)

To simply tap beer, tapping heads are the perfect tool. On standard kegs, there is a valve on the top of the keg to which the keg head is attached. The valve is also called fitting. CO2 is supplied via the keg coupler and the beer is transferred via hoses to the keg dispensing system.

Various systems

Four shapes are available in the trade: flat keg couplers,  keg couplers, basket keg couplers and draft keg couplers, a specific keg coupler fits on each valve. In addition to the different formats, you will also find tools, cleaning agents and accessories for keg couplers.

Flat and combi keg couplers look very similar and both are pushed sideways onto the valve. The only difference between these two systems is the centre tappet, which opens the valve of the keg barrel. The flat keg coupler closes over the valve like a bell, while the combi keg coupler has a small plunger with a perforated rim. Even though both versions look very similar, they cannot be interchanged.

Basket and draft tapping heads are screwing systems. They are smaller than the sliding systems. Also these two versions can easily be confused with each other. The basket keg coupler can be distinguished from the draft keg coupler by two V-necks on the plunger. The Draft keg coupler or basket keg coupler Draft has a shorter centre tappet.

We have a list of which brewery needs which closures. For example, special tap heads are required for Guinness beers. Before you place your order, please find out exactly which tap head you need so that there are no unpleasant surprises when unpacking and trying it out, then the pleasure of the beer is guaranteed.

Cleaning and accessories

Especially with the dispensing heads, you should pay attention to cleanliness and hygiene, since they come into direct contact with the drink. Therefore, you should rule out possible germ contamination and health risks by regular, thorough cleaning and disinfection. In addition, dirt does not look attractive. Flat and combination tap heads, for example, can be cleaned very well with a cleaning brush. This cleaning method is particularly environmentally friendly because no chemical cleaning agents are used.

There are also tools that make tapping easier. For 5-liter kegs, for example, there are adapters that make it easy to dispense beer straight from the keg. Valves, seals, wall brackets, beer stopcocks or threaded rings are also required. These can be ordered separately as spare parts. Correctly attached dispensing heads close the system securely.