CO2 bottles

CO2 and the right pressure are needed to tap beer professionally. Therefore CO2 pressure is necessary to tap delicious beer. It is supplied in gas bottles and when handling chemicals, safety aspects are always the first priority. You should therefore store the bottles safely in a well ventilated place.

Use of CO2 bottles

The CO2 cylinders vary in size and diameter depending on the filling quantity. One 0.5 kg bottle is sufficient for 150 litres of beer, a 2 kg bottle for 600 litres. The valves of the bottles are standardized and therefore fit on every pressure reducer. To connect pressure reducers to the bottles, you will also find connectors. Pressure reducers ensure that even with different pressure on the inlet side, a certain pressure on the outlet side is not exceeded.

Some bottles already have a practical foot for safe positioning. But you can also buy a stand separately. Also practical are bottle holders that can be hung in a beer barrel. The bottle holders are ideal if there is not enough space to safely place a CO2 bottle. Safety also comes first when tapping beer! Therefore, we have signs with operating instructions for safe tapping in our assortment for gastronomy businesses.

CO2 bottles are usually available in the gastronomy. Under certain circumstances, private individuals can also do without them and fall back on alternatives. Therefore, in addition to CO2 bottles, we also carry capsules with carbon dioxide, which are used in certain appliances or party kegs.


Not only to draw beer, but also when camping or for a fish aquarium you need CO2. Therefore refilling is possible in many places. You keep the bottle and can refill it at any time. You can refill CO2 bottles at dealers for camping supplies, in beverage stores or in DIY stores. The CO2 bottles have 10 years TÜV. Some bottles have a bottle cage, a special handle. This cage is required by law and some dealers only refill the wrong one when the cage is attached. The refilling should always be done only by professionals. You should always pay attention to the current safety regulations.

Applied safely, CO2 bottles and capsules with carbon dioxide ensure that the beer is always fresh and refreshing on the table.

CO2 bottles for your dispensers

When tapping beer, carbon dioxide bottles are used to build up the necessary pressure in the tapping plant, thus preventing the carbon dioxide from being dissolved from the beer and enabling it to be transported through the beer line. In our assortment you will find the right CO2 bottle for your tapping system under guarantee, as well as suitable accessories such as bottle holders, connectors and operating instructions that you need for connecting the carbon dioxide bottle and safe operation of the tapping system.

Why the carbon dioxide bottle is so important

The fermentation process produces CO2 (carbon dioxide) in beer. This carbon dioxide is responsible for the beer's fresh taste. If it escapes, the beer tastes stale and stale. To prevent this, it is necessary to ensure sufficient counterpressure in the tapping plant. For this purpose a carbon dioxide bottle is connected. The CO2 contained in the bottle ensures that the carbonic acid in the barrel does not dissolve from the beer and also helps to build up the pressure required for transport through the beer line to the tap. In other words, the CO2 bottle makes it possible to avoid a stale taste and you or your guests can always enjoy freshly tapped beer.

Connect the CO2 bottle correctly

When tapping beer, it is important to ensure the correct operating pressure in the dispensers. But since the pressure in the CO2 bottle exceeds this pressure many times over, it is not possible to connect the carbon dioxide bottle directly to the system. Instead, it is necessary to use a suitable pressure reducer. Such a pressure reducer allows you to regulate the pressure to the required level, thus ensuring that the correct operating pressure for tapping beer can be set using the CO2 bottle. The level of operating pressure depends on various factors, which is why you must set the pressure reducer individually.

These factors determine how much pressure you have to generate with CO2 bottle and pressure reducer:

  • The CO2 content in beer (A high CO2 content requires a high back pressure to prevent the carbon dioxide from dissolving from the beer)
  • The temperature of the beer keg (The colder the beer keg or its contents are, the less back pressure is required to prevent the carbon dioxide from dissolving.)
  • The difference in height between the keg and the tap (A large difference in height requires a correspondingly high pressure for transport to the tap.)
  • Length and thickness of the line (The shorter and thicker the beer line, the less pressure is required for transporting the beer.)


Safety when handling a CO2 bottle

In full CO2 cylinders there is a pressure of up to 60 bar. Therefore, when buying your carbonic acid bottle, you should rely exclusively on reputable suppliers such as us, with whom you can be sure of a immaculate quality of CO2 bottles. In addition, due to the high pressure inside, careful handling of the CO2 bottle is essential at all times. Otherwise, the pressurized gas container may explode and in the worst case lead to serious injuries. Therefore, do not put your CO2 bottle down under any circumstances, but always put the container upright. For a particularly safe stand, we recommend that you use a suitable stand or bottle holder from our range.

Alternatives to tapping with carbon dioxide bottle

The use of a pressurized gas container in the form of a CO2 bottle is not the only way to draw beer. Alternatively, a beer dispenser with a membrane pump can be used. Instead of the pressure from the CO2 bottle, such a membrane pump creates a vacuum which transports the beer from the barrel through the pipe to the tap.

Advantages of tapping with CO2 bottle

A beer dispenser with a membrane pump has the advantage that a carbon dioxide bottle is no longer needed for tapping and therefore the need to buy a new CO2 bottle is eliminated. However, it is often not possible to adjust the pressure precisely, which can lead to problems when tapping. connoisseurs therefore usually prefer tapping with a CO2 bottle and a pressure reducer, where they can regulate the operating pressure optimally. Nevertheless, you should consider the beer tap with diaphragm pump in the private sector at least as an alternative to tapping with a
carbon dioxide bottle.

Buy CO2 bottles and suitable accessories

In our shop you can buy carbon dioxide bottles in different sizes. Decide according to your needs for a CO2 bottle with 0.5 or 2 kilograms capacity or carbon dioxide capsules, which are suitable for the operation of numerous devices.

Of course, you will also find CO2 pressure reducers with which you can flexibly adjust the operating pressure of your tapping system and always achieve perfect tapping results.