Keg cooler

Keg pre-coolers protect the beer kegs from light and heat and give the beer the right temperature. This way the beer arrives at the tapping plant well pre-cooled. Depending on the storage area and the number of kegs required, different barrel pre-coolers can be used.

Drum pre-cooler for stainless steel drums

In the range you will find barrel pre-coolers for two to 10 barrels made of stainless steel or galvanized sheet steel. For the uppermost barrel there is often a tap. The bottom of most models is made of chrome, nickel and steel. A very good insulation ensures that the temperature is constantly cool. Replaceable seals and adjustable feet are also available. The adjustable feet compensate for possible unevenness in the floor. With these models it concerns first of all the barrel box, the suitable cooling device comes specially in addition.

KEG barrels are a common type of KEG. Keg comes from the English language and means "small barrel". The reusable kegs were specially developed for industrial filling. As they are mostly made of stainless steel, aseptic storage is possible. The keg barrels usually hold 30 or 50 litres and are also specially protected with a rubber coating. The coating itself already provides a certain amount of insulation. The kegs remain tightly closed and the beer reaches the glass through the tube almost aseptically.

Cooling systems to put on

The cooling systems are attachments for the drum boxes and large-capacity refrigerators and can be simply plugged in above the boxes. Depending on their size, the cooling systems weigh about 30 to 40 kg and have an output of 220 to 400 watts. The temperature is controlled by a thermostat and a digital display provides information about the set and actual temperature. In addition there is an automatic condensation evaporation. The cooling units are simply placed on the barrel boxes, no special knowledge is required. The cooling aggregates can also be purchased separately, for example to replace a defective unit.

In addition to cooling units and barrel boxes, you will also find complete cooling counters with us. Drum pre-coolers and cooling counters can be set up anywhere without any problems and enable rapid cooling. Especially for larger gastronomic operations, keg pre-coolers are not only very useful, but almost indispensable in order to supply larger groups with cool, fresh beer at any time. Despite the best cooling, the beer should always be drunk as fresh as possible.