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Mulled equipment for commercial use

Discover our mulled wine professionals   the electric pump and the tap flow rate of 100 l / h, which is heated in two rows of two valves available or three rows with three taps. They have a variable temperature suitable to infinity 35 ° C to 85 ° C and hot for all types of alcoholic beverages. Thanks to the simple construction, they are ready to use and can also be used to serve mulled wine   After appropriate modification. Hooks on the drain pan 520 mm deep, suitable suction hoses in our online store are also available. Our "hot barrel" is a device KEG preheated special form of the beverage fun, which is also an electric pump and two valves. In addition to the equipment of high quality that our equipment mulled Ignite "hot tap" by their comfortable winter look.

Accessories for your wine Indispensable Dispensers

In our gaming accessories for the wine will make you hot stones and hot drinks to retailers pipeline 2 and Line 3   find supplies electric pump. We also offer a range of accessories for two-line hot drink vending machines operated with a feed pump with gas. The kit also contains CO2 cylinder and nbsp; and a pressure reducer. We also offer drinks and pipe riser sites. The riser pipe is connected to the beverage are attached which operates the pump to pump beverage from the container with the dispenser. Trash connecting sleeve, which is screwed to the body and with a special coating, it ideal for heat distribution of wine.

perfect hot drink of mulled wine distributor

Instead, users increasingly delicious hot drinks such as mulled wine or wine. Especially easy it is to handle hot beverages with a wine distributor of professional shine. Because of its powerful devices, mulled wine can in record time and avoid the waiting time for customers and can nbsp be operated

How hot manifold errors

Without mulled wine distribution necessary to heat the hot drink in a boiler, where the temperature and Remove the belt using   it is cumbersome, time consuming and consumes power required. Distribution of mulled wine, but can be directly heated by the hot beverage container and immediately prior to administration. For this purpose, self-tapping units mulled wine is usually with a heater, the temperature will be equipped flexibly adjusted.

Benefits of mulled wine distributor

Kettle bar. Instead of just a portion of the hot wine is heated in hot wine dispenser. It is much faster and ensures that you begin mulled wine after a few minutes Serve. Should also mulled be heated over time. In this way we avoid the evaporation of alcohol and sugar caramelize it contains. Furthermore it generates no harmful substances which may be formed with increasing duration of the heating process.

flexible temperature control of hot pleasure wine

Can mulled professional wine dispenser set the temperature drinks poured flexible. Depending on the model, you can set the slider to 85 degrees generally and always serve customers drinks perfectly cured.

S wine distributors ground can be flexible

Also Designation mulled wine dispenser is suitable for various beverages. Depending on the model, you can use the device, for example, children of punch to prepare mulled wine, hot chocolate, grog, and many other hot dishes. A provides maximum flexibility for the distribution of mulled wine and allows you to adapt your product to the customer's wishes.

Sellers of wine mixed professionals for every need

Our powerful water heating". offer devices that traders volume to 100 liters per hour and are able to heat the beverage to 75 degrees. With such a dispenser of hot wine are well equipped, even at peak times and can serve its customers hot, without losing time drinks.

Distributors mulled Professional for small amounts

To the demand for hot drinks to reduce mulled wine professional traders with a lower resolution to find skills. This device may be heated to 35 liters per hour, 75 °, and casting. The taste and temperature of mulled wine leaves nothing from these distributors mulled wine course to be desired.

Wine dispenser adhesive of compressors and pumps electrical

You can choose in our shop between hot wine dispenser from the air compressor and an electric pump. Both versions allow stress distribution of mulled wine and other hot drinks.

Wine-adhesive tapping units of one, two or three lines

You can choose to mulled wine distributor   Device according to one, two or three lines as required. You have your choice of the number of taps dealer.   They should be equipped, and therefore the model can choose the best for your needs

Connect mulled wine distributor properly

Connection and the use of mulled wine dispenser is usually simple and requires no technical knowledge. As long as you follow the instructions, you can hardly go wrong and start normally after a few minutes to write. However, it is important to pay attention to the type of container to which the desired pattern is suitable. These are devices for containers flameproof to collect, as well as traders mulled wine containers for sampling is not resistant to pressure, such as boxing.

Sales traders mulled wine specialists

If the Christmas market, a weekly market or catering company - distributor of wines warm in winter. It makes it easier to do your job and can provide its customers with delicious hot drinks at the same time is available without waiting. If you want to reap the benefits of such a device and buy mulled wine dealer, you've come to the right place. Because in our store you will find a wide selection of different styles, so you can order exactly the device that suits your needs. Order the warm wine retailers today's election and has a reliable and fast delivery.