Cleaning beer tap


Professional accessories for Dispenser Cleaning

Freshly tapped beer has long since become very popular not only when visiting the restaurant, but also at many private events. But of course, connecting the keg and tapping the beer alone is not enough.
In addition, regular cleaning of the beer dispenser including the beer line tubing is also part of the obligatory programme. This applies to both professional and private use of a beer dispenser.

You are responsible for cleaning the dispenser

Even if the dispensing system ordinance was already repealed in 2005, there are still some things you have to consider as the operator of your dispensers. This includes in particular that you guarantee a safe operation and in this context pay attention to a sufficient cleanliness. In order to guarantee the latter, you cannot avoid a regular professional cleaning of your dispenser. Otherwise, over time, beer residues will cause germs and other microorganisms to form in the individual components of your dispenser. These impair the taste of the beer and, in the worst case, can even make you ill

Cleaning of the beer dispenser before the first start-up

Before you put your new dispenser into operation for the first time in the catering trade, it is absolutely necessary to carry out a comprehensive basic cleaning. With this cleaning, you can remove existing residues from the production process, such as plastic pipes, oil residues and chips. In the case of beer dispensers intended exclusively for private use, it is often sufficient to dump the first one or two drawn beers. If, however, a complete dispenser cleaning is necessary, this is normally specified in the operating manual.

Dispenser cleaning after a longer standstill

Thorough cleaning should always be carried out if you have not operated your dispenser for a longer period of time and the individual components are therefore contaminated with deposits. As before the first commissioning, the cleaning of the beer dispenser must be carried out very carefully, especially in the professional sector.

Purchase suitable accessories for cleaning your dispensing system

A regular cleaning of dispenser, which is oriented to the use and requirements of the respective model, ensures perfect and risk-free beer enjoyment. In our shop you will find everything you need for professional cleaning of your dispenser, from cleaning containers to cleaning sponges and brushes to cleaning agents.

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