Cold brew coffee maker


Cold Brew Coffee: dispenser system for perfect coffee enjoyment

Cold Brew has been delighting numerous coffee lovers in Germany for a long time. It is advisable to use a suitable tap system to prepare the cold coffee specialty.

If you are looking for a dispenser for the trendy cold brew drink, you will surely find it here. Simply order the right model in our shop and enjoy the perfect cold coffee in the future.

Cold brew is tapped with nitrogen

Most beer dispensing systems are operated with CO2 in order to achieve the tap pressure required for serving. When drawing cold brew, however, nitrogen is used. When serving coffee, this has a great influence on the creamy foam that connoisseurs appreciate, similar to beers like Guinness.

Apart from that, when you tap cold brew coffee, the nitrogen ensures that it gets its characteristic sweet aroma. Because although it doesn't have the same taste, Cold Brew contains neither sugar nor milk. The cold coffee is therefore also ideal for all figure-conscious people who want to enjoy a refreshing wake-up call.

Cold brew dispensing systems are enjoying increasing popularity

Originally, Cold Brew was mainly known and loved in the United States. However, that has now changed. Today, cold coffee has long been a trend that is becoming more and more popular with discerning coffee lovers. If you want to inspire your customers or your guests at home with a very special coffee in the future, a cold brew dispenser is definitely a good choice.

Order a cold brew dispenser

Cold Brew inspires with a sweet taste and great creaminess. If you would like to serve this specialty coffee in the future, you've come to the right place. In addition to beer dispensing systems, our range also offers cold brew dispensing systems that you can conveniently buy online.

Order your new cold brew dispensing system from us and benefit from reliable delivery, high product quality and excellent customer service. But see for yourself. We have no doubt that you will be delighted with the creamy coffee from a cold brew dispenser.