Lindr Pygmy 25


Lindr Pygmy 25

With the compact Pygmy 25 beer cooler from Lindr, beer lovers opt for a high-quality dispensing system that enables perfect beer enjoyment even on private occasions.

Perfect tapping results with the Lindr beer cooler

The Pygmy 25 from Lindr is a professional model with which you can pour perfectly chilled beer in private areas. The compact tap system is the perfect choice, for example, to serve your guests freshly tapped draft beer at the next barbecue party.

Apart from that, the Lindr Pygmy 24 is also suitable for smaller catering establishments. The draft capacity of the model is 30 liters per hour, so that quite a few guests can be entertained without long waiting times.

The Pygmy 25 from Lindr also scores with its modern cooling technology, which ensures high energy efficiency. In addition, it is equipped with a powerful thermoblock. It takes between two and four minutes before the first glass of beer can be tapped.

Ten minutes after commissioning, the Lindr Pygmy 25 beer cooler can finally be used to tap several cold beers one after the other. Even with a spontaneous visit, you don't have to keep your guests waiting long for their beer.

Why the Lindr Pygmy 25 is a good choice

As a beer lover, you know very well that beer from the bottle cannot compare to fresh beer from the tap in terms of taste. Of course, this applies not only to visits to the restaurant, but also to private events.

If you want to entertain your guests with draft beer in your private area, it is of course not worth buying an expensive beer dispenser with an hourly tap capacity of around 100 liters and more. Instead, we recommend purchasing a compact beer cooler, such as the Pygmy 25 model from Lindr.

The high-quality dispensing system from the manufacturer from the Czech Republic scores with a solid construction and an attractive design that is guaranteed to cut a fine figure in your party room. With the Lindr Pygmy 25 you can be sure that you will enjoy your dispensing system for a long time and that the highest hygiene standards are met.

The greatest advantages of the Pygmy 25 from Lindr at a glance:

  • Compact design for space-saving installation
  • Energy efficient thanks to modern cooling technology
  • Durable and robust thanks to rust-free stainless steel
  • Uncomplicated commissioning
  • Between two and four minutes until the first beer
  • 30 liters of cold beer an hour
  • Perfect for professional dispensing results in the private sector
  • Buy a Pygmy 25 beer dispenser from Lindr

    With the Pygmy 25 from Lindr you are buying a beer dispenser with which you are guaranteed to impress your guests at the next private party or celebration in your clubhouse.

    Of course you can also buy the right accessories for your Pygmy 25 from Lindr in our shop, such as beer hoses, so that you can put your new dispensing system into operation without delay.