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Water dispenser for professional dispensing

Water is healthy and undoubtedly the most essential food in the world. Carbonated water, in particular, is highly popular. However, carrying heavy water crates can be cumbersome, especially in the hospitality industry when larger quantities need to be served.

Soda makers are the perfect solution in such cases. They allow users to effortlessly dispense refreshing carbonated water in any desired quantity at any time.

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Soda water from the sparkling water maker is particularly cost-effective

Especially compared to expensive branded water, soda water from a soda maker is usually a cost-effective alternative. After all, the device operates on tap water, which naturally costs only a fraction of bottled water.

For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that the water bill is not the only cost factor when using a soda maker. In addition to the not-so-inexpensive purchase of the device, there are ongoing operating costs.

Nevertheless, homemade soda water is generally much cheaper, without compromising on taste or the quality of the dispensed water.

Powerful water dispensers for the hospitality industry

The variety of soda makers is vast. Compact devices for home use have become very popular in recent years. However, such a soda maker is not comparable to devices used in the hospitality industry.

Models often equipped with a plastic bottle for the water to be carbonated do not have sufficient power to serve a larger number of guests quickly.

When purchasing a soda maker, it is essential to consider the intended use and the associated requirements.

If the device is intended for use in a hospitality establishment or if it is placed in a company for a larger number of employees, a powerful soda maker is the preferred choice.

Operation of a soda maker

There are different types of soda makers, but their operation is similar. Simply put, making soda water involves pumping carbon dioxide into the water under high pressure. A small part of the carbon dioxide reacts with the water, turning into carbonic acid, which gives the soda water its desired effervescence.

While inexpensive home water dispensers are usually equipped with a plastic or glass bottle into which tap water is poured before carbonation, professional devices can dispense soda water directly into a glass or cup.

Water dispenser with built-in cooling

Most people do not enjoy drinking lukewarm water. Professional soda makers, therefore, not only provide the option to carbonate water but also allow for cooling.

Similar to beer taps, they use wet or dry coolers with varying capacities to achieve the desired water temperature.

Soda makers for various needs

Not every hospitality establishment serves the same amount of soda water. When choosing the right sparkling water maker, it is crucial to consider the actual required performance in daily operations.

In addition to the pure dispensing capacity, it is also important to consider the cooling capacity of the respective device. It may be that a soda maker can dispense a certain amount of water per hour, but the cooling system can only cool a portion of it.

In our online store, you will find models with a wide range of performances. In addition to smaller devices that can dispense approximately 20 to 25 liters of cold soda water per hour, we also offer soda makers with capacities of 120 or even 150 liters per hour. With these, you are well-equipped to handle a high influx of guests during peak hours without significant delays.

Water dispensers in different designs

In addition to the required performance, the location where the soda maker should be placed also plays a role. Therefore, water dispensers are available as freestanding devices as well as built-in or tabletop models.

Freestanding water dispensers are ideal, for example, for placement in offices or public buildings, allowing employees or visitors to dispense their own glass of soda water if needed.

If there is a table or cabinet available, a soda maker in the form of a compact tabletop model can be used. Depending on the local conditions and usage, an built-in or undercounter device as a water dispenser may also be the right choice.

What does a water dispenser cost?

Because there are many different devices, the costs for purchasing a soda maker can vary significantly. While particularly affordable models for private use are available for less than 100 euros, professional devices usually cost at least a mid-three-digit or even a low four-digit amount.

Due to their completely different performances, it makes little sense to compare the prices of these devices with each other. Ultimately, the planned use should be the decisive factor in the purchase decision, while the costs play only a limited role.

Regularly clean your carbonated water maker

At first glance, hygiene may seem less relevant for soda makers. After all, only water flows through the lines of such a device. It seems that contamination cannot occur.

This is a misconception. Over time, germs and bacteria can accumulate in a water dispenser. In addition, limescale can form, affecting the taste of the water and the lifespan of the device.

It is, therefore, necessary to regularly clean the sparkling water maker, even though the device has no contact with other beverages.

This way, you ensure that the soda water you serve always tastes good, and the health risk from possible pathogens is minimal.

How does soda water differ from mineral water?

Mineral water is a protected term that cannot be used casually to refer to tap water enriched with carbon dioxide.

Mineral water always comes from an underground water source. It contains various minerals and trace elements that it has absorbed while passing through different layers of rock, and it is bottled directly at the source for sale.

The term soda water, on the other hand, can refer to different types of table water, which may also be made from simple tap water. In addition to carbon dioxide, a liter of soda water must contain at least 570 mg of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). This gives it a slightly salty taste.

Who needs a soda maker?

In principle, carbonated water makers are not strictly necessary for private use. However, smaller devices can be handy and eliminate the need to regularly buy and carry heavy water crates.

In the hospitality industry, a powerful soda maker is often indispensable and is therefore part of the equipment, just like a beer tap system. Especially in businesses with a very large number of guests, a device for dispensing water makes service much more manageable than pouring from bottles.

Furthermore, soda makers can be suitable for use in gyms, hospitals, offices, and public buildings, for example. With their help, you can easily and cost-effectively provide employees, customers, or visitors with cool soda water, virtually without additional effort.

What to consider when buying a soda maker

If you decide to buy a soda maker, there are, of course, some points to consider in your choice. It is important that the chosen model meets your requirements so that there are no problems in daily use.

Especially the following points should be considered when purchasing a suitable carbonated water maker:

  • The dimensions and design of the respective device, so that it can be installed without problems
  • The desired features of the water dispenser
  • The cooling capacity and dispensing capacity, expressed in liters per hour
  • The range in which the output temperature of the soda water can be set
  • Special requirements, such as the presence of a built-in water filter

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