Beer dispenser


Tap systems are dispensing systems with which beverages are filled into a glass from storage containers such as barrels or tanks. Tap systems complete sets consist of a tap, a fitting to connect barrels, barrels as well as a pump or a pressure gas container with CO2 and a pressure reducer. It is important that the large systems, which are available with up to four lines, have a CO2 control line and have an accompanying cooling system. With the right equipment and tapping technology, very little beer is lost. However, the tap in particular can easily become contaminated with germs. Therefore you should always pay attention to a very good cleanliness and in the catering trade certain regulations must be kept to this.

Small dispensing systems

In addition to the large tap systems in pubs, we also have small tap systems that are also suitable for private use. In the circle of friends, beer taps are also a nice present for the next birthday - so you can tap beer at the party right away! Small tapping systems, for example a beer case, are easy to connect and the beer can be enjoyed in just a few minutes. They are therefore also a good alternative for the hobby cellar. Many systems are made of stainless steel and have a drip tray. Some models have an easily pluggable dry cooler and a thermostat that gives information about the correct temperature. We have matching accessory sets for almost all tapping systems and even for small and larger repairs, you will find the appropriate spare parts in our shop.

Some of the small tapping units are transportable. But for those who really like to be mobile, a picnic pump is ideal. On a barbecue trip to the lake, tapping can start immediately without a CO2 bottle! The pump is simply placed on the keg cap. For party kegs there is a special tapping system.


Egal, whether large or small tap and no matter whether private or professional use: The beer should be nice and cool. Therefore you will find various ways of cooling in this category. Water coolers can be placed under the counter and for draft beers there are refrigerators in the right size. Also flow coolers and dry coolers are available. Cooling is not only important for storage, the beer should remain cool right up to the glass. Because only if it flows out of the tap at the right temperature can you tap it with a nice head of froth.