Beer tap accessories


All-round beer enjoyment with numerous accessories. We carry spare parts, cleaning agents and tools for your beer dispenser. Not only in the gastronomy, but also with private persons beer is often and gladly drunk. More and more hobby brewers are creating their own types of beer and of course, beer is tapped at home. In addition, there are clubhouses all over the country that want to supply their members with fresh beer week after week. For a tasty beer enjoyment you will find exactly the right accessories here!

Practical helpers and spare parts

Numerous larger and smaller aids facilitate tapping. Adapters enable, for example, small 5-litre kegs to be connected to a dispensing system. Thanks to the beer tap you can remove the beer hose - the beer remains safely stored in the keg. You can now tap fresh beer in small quantities and a non-return valve ensures clean tapping. If something remains in the keg later, you can replace the vent plug on the keg with a plug for adapters. Adapters and plugs are ideal for the private birthday party in the party room.

In addition to the cleaning of the tap system and equipment, the question of the correct beer temperature is always in the room. Normally we want cold beer, but sometimes the drink has to be warmed up to reach the right drinking temperature. This is possible with a beer warmer with a stainless steel stand. Beer should always be served at fridge temperature. At seven to nine degrees it can also be tapped well and forms a nice head of froth.

Occasionally something needs to be repaired or replaced at the tap. In addition to tools and seals, you will also find a replacement tap for your table tap column. Before the next repair, just have a look around in our assortment - you will surely find the suitable spare part!

Latest trends

Brewing beer may be a centuries-old tradition, but even here there are always new inventions and trends. One of them is the Feeling Tube - the latest trend in beer tapping. This table tap is placed on the table and rotated so that it is directly in front of the guest. Now beer, cola, juices or even vodka, wine and long drinks can be filled in. Three litres fit into the Feeling Tube table dispenser. Especially in discotheques, bowling alleys, beer gardens or experience restaurants this dispensing device is the absolute trend!