Beer brewing set

Beer brewery sets for a successful start as a hobby brewer

For a start, it is advisable to opt for a so-called Bierbrauset. Because such a such a starter package, as you can find in different versions in our online shop, already contains all the equipment you need for brewing your own beer.


beer brewery instead of large brewery

frame, the whole thing is of course much smaller. But that doesn't change the fact that with a suitable strong beer brew set and the right ingredients, a delicious beer can be brewed in the blink of an eye, even in your own four walls. After all, a beer produced in accordance with the Purity Law always consists of only the four ingredients water, malt, hops and yeast, which then have to be processed in several steps. With a beer brewing set from our assortment this is easily done, so that you can also brew beer at home soon.

In five steps to your first own beer

Beer brewing set. However, this concern is completely unfounded. Because brewing beer is easier than you think and basically requires only five

  • In the next step, the lautering, the residual sugar is washed out of the malt and the liquid and the malt are separated from each other.
  • Now it is time to add the hops to the liquid. The beer gets its typical spicy aroma and the bitter substances that are so important for the taste from the hops.
  • During the subsequent fermentation, the yeast converts the sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide and ensures that you actually produce beer with your brew set.
  • Now the young beer only has to be bottled and mature for a few weeks before you can enjoy the first results from your brew set.
  • beer sherbets for beginners and advanced users

    Nevertheless, a beer brewing set proves to be a practical aid even for advanced hobby brewers, which keeps the amount of work involved low and at the same time enables great results to be achieved when brewing beer.

    beer sherbets for every need

    In our online shop, prospective hobby brewers will find beer brewing sets in different price ranges and for different requirements. From a simple starter package for under a hundred Euro to a complete set including stainless steel brewing kettle, you have the free choice of which model you would like to use for your first steps in the world of brewing mould. However, no matter how you decide in the end, we are convinced that you will soon ask yourself why you have only enjoyed purchased beer so far. Because with a little practice the homemade beer from the brewery tastes at least as good.

    buy beer brew set online

    Are you ready to brew your first own beer? Then you should best order the suitable today Bierbrauset from our shop. Benefit with your purchase from a high product quality at fair prices as well as short delivery times, so that you can start brewing in a short time. We are sure that brewing with one of our beer brewing sets will inspire you too and that you will soon be one of the convinced hobby brewers who are always trying out new creations.