CO2 complete set


Various accessory packages make it much easier to tap beer in the pub or in the party room at home. The accessory packages contain several useful individual parts and are partly available to match the tapping system. All individual parts can be combined with each other. The composition of the sets for 1- or 2-line tapping systems varies. In this category you will find all accessories in practical sets according to your needs.

Accessories for 1- or 2-line tapping systems

For 1- or 2-line tapping systems, there are, among other things, CO2 cylinders, pressure reducers, hoses, carbonic acid keys and tapping heads in various packages. The heads are available with flat fittig closures, combi-fittings or other closures. Depending on the tapping system a different closure is required.

Hose lengths, filling quantities of the carbon dioxide bottles and the sizes of the CO2 bottles vary depending on the accessory set, so different quantities of beer can be tapped. Some sets also include 5-liter adapters or feet for the CO2 bottle.

The accessory packages are not only important for the initial equipment of the dispensers, but as the service life of the dispensers increases, a piece has to be replaced or a small repair has to be carried out and things like CO2 bottles or cleaning agents have to be bought or refilled again and again. It is important to always pay attention to which aids are compatible with your own dispensing system.

Individual accessory packages

The large accessory packages contain all accessories for 1- or 2-line dispensing systems. You can start tapping immediately! The smaller sets usually contain about five individual parts. Usually the accessory packages for beer tapping are ready for dispatch in two to four days, some of them within 24 hours.

Are you looking for accessories for mobile dispensing systems or for large 2-line dispensing systems? Each set is individual. Thanks to the large selection, you will find the right one for your dispenser at home or in the catering trade. With the right accessories the beer tastes really good and with professional accessories the perfect dispensing is guaranteed!

Practical accessory packs avoid having to buy all the accessories separately, and you can also be sure that all the pieces really do fit together. This way you will not be surprised when you assemble them. You can always rely on very good quality and matching of the sets. In addition, individual parts or cleaning agents suitable for the dispenser can be purchased separately at any time.