Bar accessories

From shot to cocktail - Everything for your bar equipment

What would a bar counter be without the glamour and joie de vivre that well-mixed cocktails radiate? From shakers and mixing glasses, various pourers and portioners to noble champagne coolers and ice cube containers, we offer you a wide range of products at to equip your bar professionally. For many cocktails, a small tasteful decoration gives the finishing touch. Discover in our assortment cocktail decorations, like the popular party umbrellas, straws in different sizes and brightly colored cocktail sticks.

The cocktail preparation and beverage storage

Every bartender knows that mixing drinks is a craft that can only be achieved with the best ingredients and tools. You will find ice cube machines, caipirinha pestle and lemon squeezers, practical containers and glass holders to have all ingredients quickly at hand. To make the serving of bottles as easy as possible, we have dosing devices such as the highly professional Spirit Master scoop, plastic lamellar corks and counter stands. The shaker is the bartender's magic cauldron, in which the noble ingredients are first mixed to an exciting drink. We offer you the Boston-Shaker, which consists of a mixing glass and a stainless steel base, or the three-part shaker completely made of stainless steel with sieve and lid, which is also suitable as a measuring cup. Keep your champagne and sparkling wine bottles cool in an elegant way. Discover our shapely champagne bowl made of stainless steel, which can hold up to four bottles, or our festive champagne cooler in shiny black cylinder design.

Order and cleanliness behind the counter

Behind the bar it can be fast and hectic at times and every move has to be right, so it is essential that bottles and glasses have their place and are always ready for use. A glass rail keeps glasses hanging and space-saving and enhances your bar in a classy way. For freshly rinsed glasses, a drip tray is suitable, which catches dripping water in a flat container. The glasses stand on the plastic collecting mat, which gives them a firm stand and at the same time protects the glass rim. At we offer you exclusively products made of high-quality materials that are distinguished by their durability and chic appearance, so that working behind the counter means one thing above all else: having fun mixing!