Dispensing tower


In the gastronomy, but increasingly also in the private sector, beer is no longer tapped with a simple tap. Beer towers are a real eye-catcher at the bar in every pub, clubroom and at home. A dispensing tower in different heights of your choice is mounted on the bar, usually including a drip tray. Over a hose is the dispensing column with the tap connected.

Beer tower dispenser for your choice

With us you will find beer towers for the private hobby cellar or the gastronomy in different sizes. All models are optically very attractive and give the taproom a chic coat of paint. Elegant models made of chrome or stainless steel, matt or polished are available with one or two lines. Some of the dispensing towers can be screwed directly onto the keg closure.

A beer dispensing towers are available in a wide variety of versions, with single and dual line versions predominant. In the gastronomy sector, the visual appearance of dispensing towers plays a special role, because they should match the counter and reflect the style of the restaurant. Often, dispensing towers form the centre of the counter, behind which the landlord serves his guests. High-quality models made of stainless steel or chrome fit to almost every interior design.

If you want to be mobile on the road, picnic pumps are the alternative for on the road. With the simple picnic pumps with piston tap the tapping can start directly without a CO2 bottle. So you can also enjoy tasty, fresh beer at the barbecue party or on a trip to the beach.

Technology for beer towers 

In addition to the visual appearance, you should also pay attention to the technology as well as a high-quality finish. The tap, from which the beer flows out, is connected to the dispensing towers. You should always make sure that the dispensing tower and tap are thoroughly cleaned. In addition, sufficient cooling should be ensured so that the beer does not come out of the tap too warm. Warm beer has the disadvantage that it forms a lot of foam.

Our dispensing towers are of high quality and technically up to date. Thus dispensing towers are not only a real eye-catcher. Optics and technology make the beer taste much better. Particularly in the gastronomic area, the dispensing tower is a figurehead of the restaurant, which you should not skimp on.